How Sad is the for Homeowners’

Stop Mortgage Forgery and Fraud Perpetrated by US BanksI am saddened and shocked at how our laws do not protect us.  In researching legal definitions such as “Mortgage Fraud” and “Bank Fraud“, both refer to someone doing damage to the bank, however, nothing if the situation is reversed.  No wonder this country is in the mess that it is in.  According to the law (tongue in cheek) the banks do no wrong.  If they did there would be laws to reflect this realization.  Change is coming fast and furious, but it’s too late for way too many families.

The only way to fight this is to be diligent in our investigations of our own contracts with these banks.  Review every page and watch your signatures.  It was not hard for us to prove that our signatures were forged; we were actually in another state and could prove it, when our lives were violated.  Review the mortgage package that you received at closing.  Are all the documents there, such as the mortgage deed and note?  Did the bank ever send you a copy of your finalized mortgage?  Go to the local Register of Deeds office and review your signatures!  We are not the only ones that this has been done to, even though we are the only case in the country regarding this type of crime.  The reality is that we are the only ones that discovered it, so check your documents, TODAY!

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How Have You Been Affected by Mortgage Fraud?

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