Vote for a Change – Really?

I find myself absorbed by the morning news. Amazed by the response of a nation of middle-class and lower-class citizens, fed up with the advantages afforded to the upper crest of our society, in their vigilant pursuit against the banks through their protests at “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations across the nation. Then we take into account the fact that people, at an alarming rate, are removing their monies from these financial institutions and relocating a majority of their funds to local credit unions, or reverting back to the days of hiding their money under their proverbial mattresses.

It’s easy to blame the current administration for these uprisings, however, we all know in our heart of hearts that this has been slowly simmering since 2001. If we sincerely look into the depths of our souls, we know that after the attacks on September 11, 2001, we lost our Camelot. When this demonstrated hate put a gaping hole in the souls our our country we banded together as brothers in a cause; enraged at such a cowardly and barbaric attack on our very shores. We chanted about “awakening a sleeping giant” and threw our fists in the air, angry at the horrendous attack against our country, vowing retribution.

Fast-forward ten years later, we find ourselves divided; each side blaming each other for the travesties that have befallen this country in the past decade. We have current political figures that have proved to us that it’s not about the middle and lower-class of this country, demonstrated quite loudly by their willingness to hold the citizens of this country hostage to tax-cuts for the rich. Do we need to get kicked in the head over and over again before we get it?

It is easy to sit, point fingers and spout about the wrongs of government, but aren’t we the ones that put these people in this position of power? Are we not the ones that screamed for change? But then we elect people into office that really don’t care outside the campaign trail. It’s not about for the better of the country, it’s for what works for their paying constituents. Then, here we are, four years later, complaining about the choices that were made; never once taking credit for letting it happen.

If our citizens would realize just how important it is to know who and what you are voting for when you go to the polls. So many people go to the polls with absolutely no clue of who they are voting for. The voting process should not be about what party a person is affiliated with. It should be associated with who will do the best job; and the only way to know that is to do your homework. Going to the polls without research is like taking a test and never studying; what’s the point. Maybe, if everyone that went to the polls had actually paid attention to what they were doing, it would be possible to get people into power that truly care about getting the job done, without concern about what is good for the lobbyists and fat-cats of our political society.

Working for government can chew you up and spit you out when you are a candidate that actually cares. One must have a very thick skin to survive it. What is sad about this process though, is that a lot of people who would have been great in government bow out, because the morality and ethics in current politics goes beyond their personal boundaries. We need to look beyond what we see in the commercials. We need to look into what they, as a political figure, have contributed and brought to the plate throughout their political careers. We can’t take it on their word or their opposing parties either. When we do; we put on blinders, being led to believe media enriched propaganda or the views of a possibly biased person, instead of finding out the truth ourselves. Do your research before you vote and maybe we can get a congress and senate that actually gives a damn.

Throughout the past decade we have watched as the American dream has turned into the American nightmare. We have blamed a host of people for our problems and the reality is that we have the power to take charge. Through peaceful demonstrations and active, informed participation at the polls next Tuesday, we can send the message that we, as a nation, are fed up with the unethical decisions of elected officials. We send the message that we are going to look to policy and hold financial fat-cats accountable, by putting people in place, within our government, that are fed up with the antics of irresponsible corporate and financial institutions. We need to put people in place that believe in public trust; a commodity that many people, being ripped of this precious democratic right under the guise of “normal business”, have lost faith in. Before you can bring back faith in business, you have to bring back faith in government. In order to bring faith back into government, you have to make informed decisions when you are called upon to make decisions that affect you and your neighbors. Electing a competent candidate is our responsibility.

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