Damaged Lives|Time for Informed Choices

In the past five years we have watched the American dream turn into a virtual nightmare. We have observed as a multitude of people have lost their jobs and their homes; only to discover that we were losing in a game that was severely rigged, setting up innocent people to be devastated by unscrupulous corporate greed through non-disclosure and outright thievery. We have taken note as the government has coddled these corrupt financial institutions, throwing tax payer money into their coffers, allowing these organizations to continue in their dishonest and irresponsible ways; while our elected officials have turned their backs on the working class by holding them hostage while demanding tax breaks for the wealthy.

We need only open a paper, listen to a local news channel or visit the internet everyday about the to see the effects that these breaches of public trust have inflicted on our nations homeowners and their families. While our government turns a blind eye, our country is suffering. The current status of our country’s banking system wasn’t something that occurred because of terrorism. This mess was, and is, homegrown and until someone in our government sits up and takes notice, we will continue to see the practices of these institutions continue to ruin people’s lives. The only problem with this theory is that, out of desperation, voters are throwing their choices to the wind; going to the polls uninformed and outraged. I liken it to going to the grocery store on a whim when you are hungry. You are going to waste your time and money, making uninformed and rushed decisions, all based on another emotion and need; really neglecting the real matter at hand, which is either buying a staple for dinner, or in this case, researching the candidates and making an informed decision at the polls.

People who have worked all of their lives to ensure a comfortable retirement are being told that their contributions meant nothing while corporations and government entities rip and tear at the promises made. Senior citizens are being told that the retirement that they were promised isn’t theirs anymore; the health care they were promised zapped because it is costing the companies too much. Contracts are being breached right and left, with no legal consequences to the offenders.

So why does it surprise us that the banks have been allowed to get away with crimes that would land a normal American in jail, paying restitution and living in shame for the rest of their lives. We are all indignant and mortified by what Bernie Madoff did, but how is what he did any different from what the banks have done to our country’s mortgage holders? They made false promises to bait potential buyers in and then violated their rights every step of the way end, by forgery, fraud and abuse of process.

When a homeowner does happen to discover these violations, the banks use every piece of their arsenal to make the victim look as if they were the irresponsible party; making the persecuted homeowner basically want to give up. Sometimes the price is too high. You have already lost your means of making a living and now the bank wants your home. You have discovered that the bank has broken many laws to have security in your property. You have no money to fight and not everyone can find an attorney that has the heart and tenacity to take on such a case. Many attorney’s in this country are afraid to take on the banks, because the banks can afford to run you out of money and therefore, run you out of the case. The reasons they can do this is because they have got away with it for years. You know the old phrase, “money talks, ___ walks”.

For this reason and this reason alone it is more important than it has ever been to be an informed voter. Get off your duffs and investigate the people who want you to back them in Washington. Don’t just pick a candidate because the guy next door likes him. That is not smart and it sure isn’t informed.

There is not a family in this country that has not seen the effects of this mortgage meltdown. One only needs to stand in their neighborhoods and look at all the empty houses that have replaced homes. There are people in this country who never thought they would be living on the streets that have now been reduced to mortal rubble all around us. Lives have been ruined from sea to shining sea, leaving empty shells in our neighborhoods and more mouths to feed in our soup kitchens. It is our responsibility to take back our rights and we can only do that by being truly informed. It’s time to stop the damages that are being created daily in the lives of people who put their public trust into these financial institutions only to have their homes ripped away from them. It is time to believe in ourselves as the backbone of this country and prove it at the polls. It’s time to demand regulations that will tighten the hatches on companies that believe they are above the law and put and end to the corporate rule in our country.

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How Have You Been Affected by Mortgage Fraud?

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