Heaven Forbid Victimized Homeowners Get a Windfall

Windfall…an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage.

Does the bankruptcy court honestly believe when a homeowner is forced to fight for their rights, after a bank has outright forged their signatures to a document that secures their home to a loan, that homeowner doesn’t have a right to, in their words, a windfall.

The funny thing about our case is that in the six years that the bank has victimized us further by making us out to be the criminals, instead of the victims, is that our so-called windfall is literally falling apart, due to the fact that we were unable to put any money into our home during this fiasco.

Would the bank not have gotten an illegal windfall had we not fought for our rights?  How is it that the banks can cost us, the homeowners, over two hundred thousand dollars in litigation fees when they were proven to be the criminals from the get go?

I would call it a windfall when the banks were so quickly bailed out by our federal government.  I, nor anyone I know, received a bail out of the mess that the greedy banks helped place them in.  It is easy for the banks to blame the homeowners for overextending themselves…but wasn’t it the banks offering them unrealistic loans, knowing that their gain would be if these homeowners failed.

We have been made out to look like we didn’t make our payments…the kick is that we did.  We only fell one month behind…and even though we didn’t make that “one month” payment…we made sure that we paid all late fees and such to ensure that the arrears didn’t go past the one month.  When you read the court documents it sounds as if we were just deadbeats and didn’t want to pay our bills.  When we were getting refinanced, it was after we lost our son-in-law and our three-year old grandson in a tragic traffic accident.  Our daughter, who lost her son and husband, purchased us a trip to California and Hawaii as a gift.  The banks turned that gift into we, the homeowners, again being deadbeats, paying for a trip out of the so-called proceeds from the forged mortgage.  The banks made us look like worthless bums.

These “worthless bums” trusted you, the bank, not to commit a crime against us.  These “worthless bums” deserved a call from the bank when they didn’t have all the paperwork in order.  These “worthless bums” had the right to fight the crime you committed against them and suffered for six years because of that crime…now who are the worthless bums in our society.

I don’t call having to invest over $100,000 in a home to bring it up to code because we weren’t able to put any money into the property while fighting the banks forgery, a windfall.  I don’t call being run into the dirt and receiving unrelenting abuse from the bank, a windfall.  I call it another tragedy in our lives as well as the lives of the people who didn’t catch the crime of forgery as we did.  This wasn’t a robo-signing incident…it was straight up forgery and the bank lost.  Heaven forbid that the victims actually get a so-called windfall of a broken down house and spirit.

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