Time to start a class action suit?

After seven years of being kicked in the teeth, by reporting the crime of forgery, and realizing that we will never truly win unless we do something drastic, I propose that we start a class action suit against the offending banks, for the pain and suffering that they have put, not only us, but thousands of homeowners through.  Please join my at http://mortgageforgery.webs.com to start this process.

We also invite lawyers who may be interested in persuing this cause as well!  All victims of mortgage fraud are invited to join this cause.

The fact that the states attorney generals sued the banks is ludicrious and outrageous, yet, we the affected homeowners achieve nothing but heartache, loss of credit, loss of confidence and put through…let’s be honest pure hell…by crimes that we had nothing to do with is outrageous and it’s time that we took a stand for ourselves, because obviously, the government is not going to do it for us.

Please stand with me today so that our children will not have to go through this tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Time to start a class action suit?

  1. rinkmom6@aol.com says:

    I have read our story over and over again.most dont understand how complex thid all is.most thinkim crazy and sadly those we were once close with have become distant.the hardest part has been what its done to my family and how its changed us.I have hired several lawyers who just got us deeper into trouble cause I couldnt tell…well I tried they woulfnt listen.we had 24 years in our home and 5 of six kids never knew any other home.we lived on an acre of land.now we live in a house that is the size of our old garage.I have had a lot of health issues and im just tired…and so far havent found anyone to help cause no one gets it.maybe we could group together and help each other…..just reading. Others storys renew my hope some.we were evicted and the cops. Idea is once your evicted you dont own your personal property……thats been the hardest that so much was stolen…..I will never replace again and not really knowing what I do or dont havr anymore.I just tell myself it cant go with me when. I die.thanks

    • I can totally relate to your situation…I am having to gear up for the fight of my life as you will soon discover if you follow my blog. I will keep you in my prayers as the Lord and I figure out our next step. Know that you are not alone.

How Have You Been Affected by Mortgage Fraud?

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