When to Say When…

I had a lawyer tell me the other day that the “statute of limitations” may have run out on our case.  REALLY?!?  Even though he used the word “may”…I must say that it really started me to thinking.  Is this how the banks are beating the homeowners who have been put out on the streets illegally.  They put people through years of litigation, knowing that if they dink us around in the court system long enough we will have no recourse when it comes to the damages that they have cost us in our lives.

This is pure insanity and definitely an abuse of not only the homeowners, but our legal system as well.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can tell you that I have developed many fears and apprehensions that I never had before I was subjected to this fight, and I don’t see it getting any better.  I don’t trust like I use to.  I don’t believe in the power of government in regards to what I always believed government should be about…because obviously I am totally wrong about what the role of government is.  When I first started my career (my lost career due to the stresses of this case) I believed that people who worked for government were there for the greater good of the citizens of this country.  I no longer believe this.  I believe that most that work in government are there for their own selfish reasons, and none of it has to do with the greater good of it’s citizens.  I have seen little guys take the hit in order for “friends and aquantances” to have the perks.  If you have money to pay the right people you can accomplish anything (i.e, the banks, lobbiest, etc).

I have made an effort to be open minded about the whole process only to find that it’s all a lie.  Unless you have “connections” and money, you have nothing in this country.  You don’t even have the right to cry foul…you’re only right is to sit there and take it.  Even the courts, who are suppose to protect victims have gotten into the act of abusing the victims, as it was proven in our case with the bankruptcy court, when they tried to sell our avoided mortgage back to the banks, without following the law, as demonstrated by the higher court rulings.

How do we end this madness.  So many times I have wanted to throw in the towel…but each time I find myself being angrier…each time I feel revictimized.  I am tired, but I don’t believe in being a quitter.  I look at my precious grandchildren and know that if I don’t keep fighting, then they will have no chance at the “American Dream”, which for our generation has become the “American Nightmare”.

Please join me at http://mortgageforgery.webs.com and help me fight this fight.  If you have been revictimized by the banks and the courts, I need you…and you need me.  We need to stand united in this fight…we need to prove to the banks, the court system and our government that this is intolerable.  We need to do this the right way…and by the right way I mean by doing it civilized and not taking the mental attitude put forth by some of the “Occupy movement”.  By breaking laws, we are no better than those that have offended us.

I look forward to your support and strength.

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2 Responses to When to Say When…

  1. daveleforge says:

    Read up on Legal Abuse Syndrome by Karen Hufferm You’ll be amazed, I know I was.

  2. Jeff says:

    I believe it could be argued that the fraud is ongoing, and part of a conspiracy. Thus, the ‘statute of limitations’ may not have begun to ‘toll”

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