Some Days a Diamond…Some Days a Stone…

From the onset of our journey through the purgatory known as mortgage fraud, my days have felt just like the title of this blog…some days a diamond…some days a stone.  I never, in my wildest dreams, would have believed that discovering a crime and reporting it would have put my husband and I through so much grief.

When you realize that you, as a citizen of this great country have so little power against the banks when it comes to our legal system, you begin to have the fog cleared from your eyes.  We all grow up being told to be proud of your country, but right now, I don’t feel so proud.  I have watched as thousands of people have been forced out onto the streets, through criminal abuses by the banks, only to see the courts (especially the bankruptcy courts) lightly slap the hands of these perpetrators of crimes, while allowing these criminals to shatter peoples lives, credit scores and mental health; dragging them through long drawn out court battles in order to negate their abilities to collect on damages, even though some of these homeowners have actually “won” in court.

We are a broken country, and unless we, the victims, continue to fight, it will not get any better.  Trying to find attorneys willing to fight the fight seems to be homeowners’ biggest nightmare.  Most lawyers, being afraid that they can’t win, will not take cases on contingency

…and most homeowners who have been devastated by these crimes, cannot afford these lawyers “modest” retainers to even get the process started.  Where does this leave us, as victims of a crime?

We sit and watch as people, who have not been damaged by actually having forgeries, win astronomical lawsuits, because they were the “whistle-blowers”

…and yet, the true victims are told that, because of how long it took to get through the courts, due to the banks abuses of the court system (which by the way have been allowed by our courts)..that the “statute of limitations” may have run out.  Seriously, how can there be a statue of limitations on fraud.  Most people don’t discover the fraud for years.  Then when they report it they are forced through nearly a decade of fighting to just get a mortgage lien avoided…

In the meantime, they are forced to see their credit scores decimated, their health fail and their mental stability faulter.  Do the courts honestly believe that these, as the bank would have them believe, irresponsible homeowners brought this on themselves?  After what we have experienced, we know this to be the case.  Banks, with their high-priced lawyers, actually persuade the courts to believe that they are innocent and that it is the “bad decisions” of the homeowners that are to blame.  My question is, that with all these high-priced attorneys, why didn’t these purveyors of so-called justice, not warn their clients (the banks) that they should follow the letter of the law when dealing with peoples lives?

Instead, they think up excuses, that are swallowed hook, line and sinker, by the very justice system that we trust to bring criminals to bear the consequences of their crimes.

What is even more infuriating is that the laws differ, in this regard, from state to state.  If you own a home in Michigan, the laws of Michigan are in play…Ohio, then Ohio laws.  Banks are a federal entity and should be dealt with on a federal level, where the law is equal to all homeowners…a level playing field; but it is not.

If you have been damaged, please join our site at “Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery” website today, in our effort to start a class action suit against all offending banks.  If you have fought the fight, only to find yourself feeling as I do, please stand with me and other harmed homeowners to put the banks and our countries courts on notice that this is intolerable.  Let’s make every day a diamond!

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One Response to Some Days a Diamond…Some Days a Stone…

  1. Jeff says:

    I have believed that if all the facts were known, most or all of these cases would be New York State law, and under NY State Courts jurisdiction. This is all bank fraud, securities fraud, etc. I have to wonder if there is another level of fraud involved, that of jurisdictional fraud. In concealing the true nature of the fraud, how can it be known what jurisdiction applies? Let alone what laws to use in the prosecution of the frauds, civly or criminally.

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