Attorney General’s Sue, Win and then Demolish Homes…REALLY?!?

One of the blogs that I highly recommend for those who have been affected by the mortgage forgery meltdown is 4closurefraud.  Last night they posted an article entitled “GENERAL DEWINE ANNOUNCES GUIDELINES FOR DEMOLITION PROGRAM“, of which totally infuriated me.  In the great state of Ohio, they are going to use money from a settlement made to states, in regards to mortgage fraud, to demolish homes neglected by the banks.  First of all, I find it interesting that the states were able to sue, and win, when it was the homeowners who had the crimes committed against them.  The homeowners were the ones damaged; yet government gets the money. One only has to read to see what the homeowners got…their butts put out on the streets, that’s what they got.

If that weren’t bad enough, now, at least in Ohio, they are going to use the money to demolish homes that have been foreclosed on and/or abandoned, and the banks have neglected (again) to do their due diligence of taking care of the property that is now, back in their possession.  We have people who are homeless due to the crimes committed against them by these banks, and this states idea of making it all better is to demolish homes…UNBELIEVABLE.

I still feel my skin crawl when I think about how these government entities slid into courts, crying foul regarding the mortgage meltdown, get a huge settlement while the courts of this country turn a blind eye to the individual homeowners who have seriously been damaged by this fiasco.  Then these government entities, instead of using the money to figure out a way to help these displaced homeowners, decide to use the money to demolish homes that could be fixed and made into homes again.  What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Why don’t they just use the money to build a couple of prisons and then they can just put all those deadbeat homeowners, that obviously deserved losing their homes to criminal acts, in prison for vagrancy…you know, debtors prisons.

Un-flippin’ believable!?!

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