How Do You Start a Movement? Good Question…

After seven years of living a nightmare and battling the bank you would think that our “win” would have accomplished something.  We did accomplish getting the mortgage lien off of our house; however, for that win we have been totally damaged.  Our ability to live a normal life is gone.  Every day is filled with self-doubt, a loathing for a system that throughout our lives we trusted to keep us safe from predators, a total mistrust of our justice system and an inability to move on with our lives.  We know that in order to move forward in ones lives, we most put the past behind us; but how do we do that after what we have been put through as victims of a crime.

When one has been violated, we usually can point a finger at one or two perpetrators.  In this case, there are so many offenders, we don’t know who to trust anymore.  When you enter the judicial system, expecting them to follow the letter of the law, as was in our case, and then you discover that certain entities within our court systems are actually “sleeping with the enemy”, how do you deal with that?  How do you fight it?

I have discovered that as individuals we are powerless.  Without money, or ties to someone who has money, your opinion in this country means very little.  I do believe that there is power in numbers.  What I don’t believe is that taking on a mob mentality, as has recently happened in the Occupy movement, is the way.  If we are angry over the misuse of justice, what sense does it make to become part of that mentality.  Breaking the laws because we are angry over other’s violations of those laws does not make a lot of sense to me.  What does make sense is “we the people” standing together as a united front, showing legally, how it should be done…with the power of our united voices.  All sounds good in theory…now how do we accomplish this?

I am new to “uniting people”…what I am not new to is the effects of these crimes on our society.  So how do I “unite” people who have been damaged by the crimes committed by our country’s banks?  I start by being honest (what a concept!)…

We have lost our way in this country.  We have allowed our spur of the moment feelings to dictate who we vote for, only to discover down the line that, again, we were duped.  We need to examine what it is that made us feel that way in the first place.  Emotion is very much a part of what we are going through…however, in the court system, our emotions mean nothing because law is not based on emotion.  If you sit down and really read our laws, you will discover many contradictions.  It is these contradictions that the criminals (the banks) have used against us…and when we get emotional because of the destruction these crimes have made in our lives, the banks use these emotions to paint us as unstable, irresponsible and as wanting “something for nothing”…

What we are is damaged.  How many people who have lost their homes to fraud ended up divorced, unemployed, and emotionally devastated?  How many people, who may not be strong enough to deal with these injustices, have put a gun to their heads and pulled the trigger?  How many people have had to be medicated because their emotions have been taken to a point where they can barely lift their heads off the pillow in the morning?

We need to move toward healing….but how do we do that?  I can honestly say that we can’t quit fighting…when we quit fighting we allow the criminals to win.  When we stop fighting we are telling the courts of this country that we can’t win.  I, for one, am not willing to give up my children and grandchildren’s future because I am afraid…and you shouldn’t either.

We need to stand united and let these entities know that this isn’t over by a long shot….therefore, I guess the answer to my question “How do you start a movement”…is to start with the truth.  The truth is that our forefathers vision for our future as a country did not include injustice backed up by our courts.  The truth is that if we, as a country, do not want to end up in a dictatorship run by the banks, we have to rise above our emotions and bring the truth to light.  The truth is that this country is made up of “we the people”…not “we the banks”.

What are your thoughts?



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