Coming Soon! Homeowners 101 Courses…

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I am way excited about the new direction that will be coming to Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery in the near future! Members of this site will be able to take online courses to strengthen their homeownership knowledge and protect themselves in the future.  Purchasing a home is, for most, the biggest financial transaction that they will ever experience.  Yet most of us go into the process of home buying with our eyes wide shut.  We think we know, or that we will learn along the way; trust me that is no way to learn about homeownership.  I have been a homeowner since 1994, I have served as a tax assessor in the state of Michigan and I have fought mortgage fraud by the bank for the past six years; trust me when I say homeownership is a learning curve for those that go into it blindly.

The goal with these courses are going to educate those that are already homeowners, and those that are just getting ready to “take the plunge”, about the terminology involved in homeownership; the process of getting a mortgage and other information that you will find enlightening.  Keep your eyes on Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery for further updates!

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