New Year, New Goals

I celebrated my fifty-second birthday this weekend, and like the new year, I am filled with hope for my new year, and look forward to fulfilling many goals this year.  It is amazing how much freer I feel this year.  It has been a year since the US Circuit Court told the banks that they could not have an equitable mortgage.  You would think that news would have brought us instant relief, however, it took time for that feeling to set in.  We were so used to being on edge, it took a while for us to bring ourselves into the reality of our situation.  We had won, but what exactly did that mean to our lives, and what other steps were we going to have to take to “tie up the loose ends”.  Trust me when I tell you there were, and are, a lot of loose ends.

Last April I took a two month hiatus at my son and daughter-in-law’s home in New Jersey, helping them out with my two beautiful grandsons; using this time to get focused on what the next steps, on our part, were going to be.  It was a highly cathartic, and by the time I returned home in June, I had a solid plan.  There were still many potential roadblocks.  One of them being that we are both self-employed, and between fighting the mortgage fraud and the devasted economy, we were barely hanging on.  We have been struggling since 2007, just to keep up on the bills and keep food in the cupboards; how in the world was I going to come up with a retainer fee for an attorney?  How was I going to do all these things that I had put on my own personal plate?

My decision was that we were going to do it on faith.  We were going to stop looking at the damage done to us.  We were going to start looking at getting our lives (that had been put on hold for over six years) back in order.  No matter to the fears, because the reality of our situation is that we have reached the pinnacle of this mountain that was put before us, and we are actually journeying back down.  Through that faith, we were able to get an law firm on board, and by God’s grace, this nightmare will be over soon.  The reality of that hope is, that we are still embroiled in the court system, fighting to get a quiet title and collect the judgements that were given during this nightmare.  As anyone knows, who has fought for any justice in any arm of our judicial system; nothing happens quickly.  We filed our adversary claim in May of 2006, by the time we got through all the muddied waters that the bank had created it was six years later.  Time, in my opinion, stolen from us.  Time, that even had we lost our home, like millions of other American’s…we would have at least been afforded the opportunity to move on with our lives.  However, I cannot live my life being angry about it.  It’s all about moving on.

Where you are concerned in this scenario, you ask.  Through all that we have been through trying to get the word out about forged signatures to mortgage documents, we were silenced in every way possible.  The media would not report it.  Attorney’s were terrified of it, especially bankruptcy attornies who were being thrown into a litigation whirlwind that was not their expertise, and definitely not beneficial for someone who was already seeking the protection of the bankruptcy courts.  Many cases never happened because the beleaguered homeowner couldn’t afford an attorney to fight the fraud.  God blessed us with an attorney, who many times regretted taking it on, that did our case Pro Bono…and through his efforts, won the fight against the bank on an equitable mortgage.  By the time this case reached its fruition, he was just as worn out by the process as we were.  The goal of this site is to focus on informing homeowners about what is going on in the mortgage world; what it means to be a homeowner in the twenty-first century and understanding how the events of the past seven years have affected the future of homeownership in our country.

A definite work in progress would be an understatement, and I hope that as time goes by you find this site helpful and educational.  My personal new year goal is to work diligently to make this a “go to” site for your homeowner educational tool.


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