Winter of our Discontent…

Sylvan hoarfrost

Sylvan hoarfrost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weather in Michigan is as cold as a banker’s heart (keepin’ with the situation and all)!

We are all hunkered down together trying to keep warm as we are being stripped of our warm shelters by these frosty institutions.  The more layers we add to protect ourselves, the colder their frosty breathes do blow; until the icicles that form from their icy touch, reaching deep inside of us, crystallizing our very hearts, minds and souls, sending shards of hoarfrost through the very blood coursing through our veins; until we lay on the ground in a frozen heap, unable to care (why should we, when no one is listening), unable to move (having all frozen avenues devoid of escape) and unable to live (our lives frozen in time until we either freeze to death (losing our homes and our way) or we survive, thawing out slowly as the icy grip lessens, regaining our feelings and our will to fight.  So, is the Winter of our Discontent

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