A Call to Action is Not Action…Action is Action


We all want a call to action, but because we are all so embroiled in our individual drama that has enveloped our lives, we are unable to unite the way that we need to.  We are all angry, hurt and damaged and it shows in our writings and posts.  The problem is that as mad as we all are, very few of us know how to make this an organized effort.  We have groups throughout Facebook and the internet of disconnected homeowners trying desperately to get the information or, as in our case, get the word out, only to meet with walls of resistance from the media and government.  We are all incredulous to the crimes that have been committed against us; how can we believe that we have been a victim of such a massive violation of public trust?

We need more than a call to action; we need a plan…and I’m not talking a plan like “Occupy America”.  In my opinion the Occupy America movement, although a decisive action, was not well thought out and ended up not amounting to anything but a bunch of drama.  We need to first create a universal group that creates a plan of action.  We have all this scattered information, most of us have migraines from all the information that we have taken in, now we need to figure out how to do something with all that we have, so that homeowners have an advocate and a voice.

I have been in contact with some wonderful people this week and I have found some that have the same outlook on this as I have.  They are willing to go from a “Call to Action” to an actual “Action”.  It is my firm belief that nothing can be accomplished individually…we have all tried, and although we have had our so-called wins; none of us should have been or should ever be put through what our banking industry has been allowed to put us through; however, we can “bitch” about it all day long or we can make our call to action an actual event.


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How Have You Been Affected by Mortgage Fraud?

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