Partial List of Settlements – Evidence of Illegal Behavior


I would like to share this partial list that was provided by one of my blog readers and I would like to share it with my readers.  If you think that homeowners haven’t been damaged than maybe this list will make you think twice…it’s only a partial list of a 1,600 page report.

Thank you for this share Sherry Hernandez for the share.

“Following is a list of settlements that not only acknowledge illegal behavior, but serve as evidence that the home-buyers were not the perpetrators of this fraud:

10/6/2008 – $8.68 billion dollar settlement with Countrywide for the State of California – relief for home-buyers – ?
8/3/2010 – $600 million dollar settlement with Countrywide Financial with the New York City Pension Funds – relief for homebuyers – 0
10/15/2010 – $67.5 million settlement with the SEC – relief for homebuyers – 0

2/2/2011 – Former Countrywide executives make a $6.5 million settlement with California – relief for homebuyers – 0
6/29/2011 – B of A settles with 22 institutional investors for 14 billion. – relief for homebuyers – 0
7/20/2011 – Countrywide settles a class action suit for charging excessive fees to more than 450,000 borrowers. – relief for homebuyers – ?
12/21/2011 – Countrywide settles bias suit for $335 million dollars for discrimination – relief for homebuyers – ?

2/2012 – $25 Billion dollar 48 state settlement with 5 major lenders. – relief for homebuyers yet to be determined, but they are still losing their homes.
From the article in Huffington Post, 4/23/2013
“In February of last year, five large banks, including Bank of America, agreed to a $25 billion settlement with 49 state attorneys general and federal authorities to resolve broad-based and persistent claims that they mishandled home loans in crisis. The banks were accused of charging improper fees while dispatching homeowners on customer service misadventures that often terminated in foreclosure. On Thursday, Bank of America and other mortgage companies — 13 in all, this time — finalized a separate $9.3 billion
settlement with federal bank regulators to resolve similar claims.
The settlements also required the mortgage industry to revize loan “servicing” practices — how it manages homeowner accounts –widely seen as unfair and damaging. The deadline to make those reforms was Oct. 1.
Banks may face fines of up to $1 million for each violation.

Berry (a borrower) will receive nothing under these high-profile legal deals, even though she claims the same types of abuse that the settlements were meant to resolve. She is not alone, consumer advocates say. While these agreements have led to an uptick in aid for some borrowers, for many others, the deals might as well have happened on a different planet.”

11/2012 – JP Morgan and Credit Suisse Settle With SEC For $417 Million Relief for homebuyers who were victims of this fraud? – 0

1/2013 – HSBC To Pay $249 Million In Foreclosure Settlement
“WASHINGTON (AP) — British bank HSBC will pay $249 million to settle federal complaints that its U.S. division wrongfully foreclosed
on homeowners who should have been allowed to stay in their homes.
The agreement with the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is similar to deals with 12 other banks that
ended a review of loan files required under a 2011 federal action. Combined, the 13 banks will pay $9.3 billion.”

2/2013 – $8.5 Billion dollar settlement for wrongful foreclosures. Relief for homebuyers for losing their homes? $300 – $2000 dollars. (I have yet to hear of anyone getting $125,000 as noted in settlement).

3/2013 – LA Times reported that they found 1600 pages of undisclosed settlements filed with the FDIC against major banks!
Relief for homebuyers? – 0

With all the settlements and court cases regarding bank fraud still pending, the lenders are still allowed to foreclose and remove families from their homes. This is making countless families homeless and destroying the moral of millions of American citizens.

Yet the evidence tells us that these families have been lured into liar loans and later into default:

A) The FBI estimates that 80 percent of all mortgage fraud involves collaboration or collusion by industry insiders.
B) Register of Deeds, John O’Brian has documented massive fraud.
C) San Francisco study found 85% error in foreclosures
D) Movies: Too Big Too Fail, Insider Trading, Margin Call, and most recently, We Are Not Broke

So for homebuyers the question is…why are we still paying for the fraud? And why are we the ones being labeled the “deadbeats” while the Executives that created this fiasco are getting bailed-out and they are getting huge bonuses in addition?

In addition, the lawsuits have not ceased…
February 2013 – U.S sues the S & P for ratings fraud related to Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS).

“The U.S. government is seeking $5 billion in its civil lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s, accusing the ratings service of defrauding investors, in one of the most ambitious cases yet from the Justice Department over conduct tied to the financial crisis.
The United States said S&P inflated ratings and understated risks associated with mortgage securities, driven by a desire to gain more business from the investment banks that issued those securities. S&P also falsely claimed its ratings were objective, the lawsuit said.”
April 2013 – AIG is suing B of A for mortgage fraud:

“(Reuters) – American International Group Inc (AIG.N) won a legal victory over where a mortgage fraud lawsuit it brought against Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) should be heard, a two-year-old case that has largely been on hold because of the dispute over venue.
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday agreed with AIG that the case belongs in state court, not federal court as Bank of America preferred.”

April 2013 – Prudential Insurance sues Goldman Sachs for Mortgage Fraud and Racketeering on MBS :
“Goldman fails to dismiss Prudential mortgage fraud lawsuit
* Prudential alleged losses on more then $375 mln RMBS
* Fraud, racketeering claims allowed to proceed
* Goldman, Prudential decline to comment
By Jonathan Stempel
April 9 (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc must face a lawsuit in which Prudential Financial Inc accused the Wall Street bank of defrauding it into buying more than $375 million of residential mortgage-backed securities it knew were unsafe.”
April 2013 – Foreclosure Review Finds Potentially Widespread Errors
“BOSTON — Nearly a third of all foreclosed borrowers who faced proceedings brought by the biggest U.S. mortgage companies during the height of the housing crisis came to the brink of losing their homes due to potential bank errors or under now-banned practices, regulators have revealed.
Close to 1.2 million borrowers, or about 30 percent of the more than 3.9 million households whose properties were foreclosed on by 11 leading financial institutions in 2009 and 2010, had to battle potentially wrongful efforts to seize their homes despite not having defaulted on their loans, being protected under a host of federal laws, or having been in good standing under bank-approved plans to either restructure their mortgages or temporarily delay required payments.”

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