Victimized Homeowners; What Does Congress See?

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For those of us who have experienced the damage that comes along with being the victim of mortgage fraud, we have been exposed to the views of many people.  We have been brought into “reality” by the scathing words used by people, who are so in a trance; believing that it has to be something that the homeowner did to bring these circumstances about.  Many feel that the affected homeowners are walking around with a sense of “entitlement”.  Is this how the people we elected to Congress see us?  You have to wonder.

Entitlement is a word that has been thrown around often over the past several years.  When we look at the definition of entitlement, it means a guarantee of access to benefits based on established rights or by legislation.  However, it now takes on the connotations of homeowners trying to get something for nothing; like, how Social Security has now became  an “entitlement”; as if we didn’t earn it.  We didn’t earn it, we paid for it, just as we are paying with our homes, savings and retirements now.  Mortgage fraud by  the banks has been viewed by most members of congress and members of the media as “no-big-deal,” that these institutions have been allowed to bully the American people, yet the government sues under the guise of “helping the American homeowners” and reaps the rewards off the backs of those exact same victimized homeowners.  “No harm, no foul” seems to be the attitude of many who have not had to go toe-to-toe with the monopolistic, soul-crushing institutions.

Is this the way Congress sees us; as entitled Americans looking for a free house?  So what that a couple of signatures weren’t the right signatures; so what that the banks have actually forged homeowner’s signatures to the mortgage documents that grants interest in the home to the offending bank; so what?

Well, if there is any member of any government entity out there that is reading this, you may want to pass it on to your constituency and fellow law makers, because you are now going to get the “So What”.

In 2006, I personally made it my mission to inform the law makers in my state and the media in my own home town as to what was occurring and none of you would listen.  I am one person in one town; however, there are literally millions of people across this nation, whom have tried to get someone to listen.  It is now 2013 and the world has changed.  We the people no longer have to depend on the media to get the story out; we now have social media.  Middle American now has a voice and because of your lack of professionalism and understanding, it is time that you are educated.

The homeowners who have been victimized by the banks run the gamut from first time home-buyers to people who have been in their homes for many years. They are newlyweds, parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  They are healthy or disabled or broken.  They are the people that give you YOUR jobs, and you have failed them miserably.  How are the people, who were depending on public trust and ethics in our banking system, at fault here?

As homeowners, our reality is that if we went into contract with a neighbor and someone was found guilty of forging another’s signature that resulted in someone being able to take that property at a later date, illegally; someone would be going to jail.  Someone would be made to pay restitution; and not the paltry amount the banks have deemed they should pay.  Who in Washington is so lazy that they are not standing up, with their fists in the air, demanding oversight.  What an insult to the victimized American homeowner, especially the ones that have stood their ground and spent thousands in legal fees and may or may not have lost their homes, incurring more expenses that should never have happened; to receive a check in the mail for a couple hundred dollars.

We wouldn’t have to be up in arms about an amount paid by the banks if they had followed the letter of the law to begin with.  Just the fact that these payouts are occurring is proof enough of their crime.  How many checks did they send out?  That number would at least be a beginning number of the damages caused to homeowners across this country, not even taking into account the number of cases that involved forgery and fraud that weren’t included in the “restitution”.  Case after case can be shown where the banks have caused harm, after being found guilty of a crime (Sutter vs US Bank), by forcing the homeowner to pay astronomical legal fees to keep up with their onslaught of objections, and motions; dragging homeowners through a judicial, financial and emotional horror story, damaging them financially, psychologically and sometimes even physically.  How many stories are out their where we have heard of homeowners taking their own life after foreclosure of their home and complete denigration of their lives?

How many servicemen and servicewomen came home to no home?  These brave souls even had a law to protect them and the banks violated those laws as well.  These people may (I stress the word may) get $125,000; yet we have yet to hear of anyone getting that amount as of this date.  We, the people want to see a list of whom these payouts were made and how much was paid.  I do believe that should be covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

How many homeowners had to cash in their  401K’s; spend their retirement moneys fighting the crimes of the banks?  Now you have another problem created by all of this.  We are all going to get old.  You, as our government, has already spent something you were not entitled to when you dipped into the Social Security fund.  The banks have forced middle America (those willing to fight) to lose their retirements, their homes; forcing them to most-likely be renters for the rest of their lives, while they work until their dying day; that is if there are any jobs that they can do; placing the burden on the government.  For which the government will respond by again raising taxes and what next, starting euthanasia programs to eliminate people who are “using the system” that your decisions forced them into.  The bankruptcy system, set into place to help suffering Americans have demonstrated that they are “pro-creditor”, when laws have been broken and lives have been damaged, as demonstrated in my story “An Apology to Our Neighbors, Our Neighborhood and Our City.” 

Do you see why we the American people wonder what you see when you look at us?  Do you wonder why when we talk about the banks, we include the government and the media when we discuss the corruption and how deep it runs.  We, the people are being damaged by each entity; and we, the people are fed up with it.  We expect our Congress and the leaders of this country to act in accordance to the reason we voted them into office; not to appease the banks and lobbyists to support your own agendas.  We expect the all news to be reported by our media sources (especially if it affects your own home town); and not just what you pick and choose to be news.  As for the banks, I can only state over and over again; you are held to a higher standard and you have taken your “power” and developed nothing short of a bank mafia, with people in your pockets; willing to destroy any homeowner brave enough to take you on.

When we stand alone, you the bank and government can be intimidating forces to those you consider “entitled and wanting”; however, homeowners across this nation, through the use of social media are coming together.  We are learning of each other’s stories and we are not pleased to find out that so many people have suffered as we have.  We are not pleased that our government and media has turned a blind eye on crime committed by corporations and banking institutions throughout this land.

Open your eyes, lawmakers of this land, and realize that there is a a need to make damaged homeowners, who have had to fight the banks for years, due to crimes of fraud and forgery by the banks, whole again.

For anyone who thinks that spending years of your life in suspended animation, while your life is turned upside down, your finances dwindling and the constant wondering when it all will end is not damaging to ones whole being, think again.  You can have your life together like Dr. Phil, and I promise you, this will bring you crashing down.  It eats at your beliefs, your faith in the nation, your faith in humanity; you trust nearly no one.  Maybe this analogy will help you get a better idea.  We are like a rape victims, where the courts allow the perpetrator of the crime to come in and rape us, over and over again.

Congress needs to see this for what it is and not what they think it is.  They need to realize that all the homeowners wanted in the country was to be dealt with fairly and honestly by a system that demands public trust.  We, the people whom have elected you expect action, and not action that benefits all other entities except the parties that were harmed in the first place.  Money gained by using the victimized homeowners as your stepping stone is not helping the American people, it is only adding to your coffers as your backbone disintegrates into dust, along with most of the housing stock across this country.  See us and our plight for what it is and not what the banks and media want you to believe it is; for once stand on the side of the American people and not your own political agendas.

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One Response to Victimized Homeowners; What Does Congress See?

  1. Excellent article, well-worded and accurate, my experience resonated with every word! It is these fraudulent lenders that feel “entitled” to free houses that they can sell again at 100% profit, while throwing a family callously out to fend a recovery for themselves.

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