Happy Mother’s Day to All Who Read This Blog…

English: Mother's Day card

May today be filled with the closeness of your children; the gems that make your life worth living and give you the strength to fight on another day.  Today is not about what the banks have done to your lives; it’s not about tomorrow.  Today is your day, to spend with those you love and have devoted your life to.  They are the reason you dream, and the reason you take on the things that you do.

Enjoy your day, filled with love and joy.  Focus on what makes you happy and realize that no matter what battles you fight in life, you have fought them for a reason.  You have fought them so that your children will not have to fight them in the future; you have shown and will continue to show them what it means to stand up to injustice.  You are awesome in your strength and gentle in your love.

Take today to enjoy all that God has blessed you with and know that you were chosen for this mission for a reason.

Happy Mother’s Day One and All!

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