LAW ALERT: Legal System Should Follow the Law and Not Coddle Law-Breaking Felons


Hold Our Financial Institutions Accountable for Their Crimes and Their Abuse of Our Public Trust!

If there is anything that I have realized, after years of fighting the crime of forgery by the banks, it is that our judicial system is made up of a majority of pro-corporate individuals; blinded by the very law that they vow to uphold.

How does any judge allow for the banks to force homeowners to go through degradation, humiliation and financial ruin, after it is deemed that the banks committed a felony?  As demonstrated in our story, An Apology to Our Neighbors, Our Neighborhood and Our City, the offending parties can put innocent homeowners through years (even decades) of litigation; fighting for a right that was clearly lost by the act of fraud.  This is only our story; there are thousands of stories happening like this all over the country.  Yet, when you look for these stories, you will not find many of them being reported by the national media.

I am not afraid to share their stories.  Look at the mortgage fraud horror stories of Dave LaForge, HollyAnn SmithRebecca and Scott Misenhelter, and Christy Zint-Osborn; whom all have been victimized by the banks and then re-victimized by the very judicial system that is in place to protect us from such crimes.  The banks overpaid lawyers spend many sleepless nights, manipulating the law, leaving out comma’s for affect and basically dismantling the true meaning of the laws to fit their corrupt employer’s needs.  Ours was a classic demonstration of these types of manipulations.  Where in anybody’s world does it make sense to avoid a mortgage and then try to sell it back to the defendants so that they can proceed with foreclosure?  Is that like finding the rapist guilty and then giving him the keys to the victims home so that he can re-victimize again and again?

That decision caused our case to continue for another five years and even though we won (Sutter vs US Bank), we are still facing countless time trying to quiet the title, and get the bank’s name off of our deed, even though they lost it in 2007.  When decisions like this are made by our judicial system, we in middle America can only be forced to see the truth; that the financial institutions rule the roost, are above the law and our government and judicial system condones it.  Seriously.  I know that if I was found guilty of forging someones signature so that I could illegally go after their property, at a later date, I would not have been offered the property back for a slight fee.  That doesn’t even make sense.

Our case was won on the “Clean Hands Doctrine”.  This doctrine is a rule of law that when someone brings a lawsuit or motion, asking the court for equitable relief, they must be innocent of wrongdoing or unfair conduct relating to the subject matter of the claim.  However, the  banks would use forgery cases where one spouse had signed another spouses name, twisting each and every law in their favor and the bankruptcy judge not only allowed it, he condoned it when he authorized the sale of the avoided mortgage back to the bank in the form of an equitable mortgage.  We were the victims and yet the banks were allowed to make us the criminal dead-beats that just wanted a free home.  REALLY.

The laws of our land are applicable to each and every one of us. The judicial system should stand behind the people and the laws that they vow to uphold.  That does not mean whoever has the most money wins.  It means if a crime has been committed than everyone is held to the same standards.  No one, including corporations, financial institutions or government entity is above the law.  Once everyone in the judicial courts of our land realize that fact, maybe we can get on with the business of cleaning up our housing market and getting people back into their homes.


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