What it Means to be an Advocate for Mortgage Fraud Victims

727-n-monroe-se.jpgThrough countless hours of soul searching I made the decision to take that which had befallen our lives and turn it into a positive.  This was not going to be an easy task; because even though I have spent as many years, embroiled in this private mortgage fraud hell as it would have taken me to get a Masters Degree, I wasn’t sure what I could offer, or even if I wanted to attempt to help others, when I am still sitting here trying to figure out what flippin’ bus had hit us.

Noticing other’s journey was not the top priority on my list; but surviving this without bitterness in my heart was.  I have since read countless stories, so not unlike my own, where one thing resonates with all that have been affected.  The pain.  The pain of the realization that our legal system is not “justice for all”.  The pain of having years of memories thrust into a moving box; sometimes by people you don’t even know and having your possessions placed out on the street.  The pain of “preaching to the choir”, people feel bad for you, but they wish you well and continue on with their lives.  The pain when no one is listening.  I know what that feels like and it’s a horrible feeling of despair, because you feel like you are the only one in the whole world that is feeling what you are feeling.  It is very personal in a very impersonal world and you feel utterly and hopelessly alone.

The fact that it is going on six years since the mortgage meltdown and these stories are still happening every day, while our government sits idly by allowing these proven criminals to still do “business as usual” is ludicrous.  So, my choices were either to become an advocate and let the other mortgage victims have a place to share their stories and try to support and help them in anyway possible, or I could do nothing.  I could sit in my own little world of pain, never reaching forward and never reaching out.  Would that make me happy?  Doubtful.  I have tried to be a giver most of my life (that is when I had anything to give) and to let something so morally wrong an unethical turn me into a crotchety old woman who has no compassion for other’s plight is not where I want to be; even though I totally get why some people end up feeling that way when they get older.  Life sure has a way of beating us up sometimes.

Nothing is ever gained by quitting.  As much as life makes me want to throw up my hands and scream “I surrender”, I know that, truly, my soul will not allow me to do that.  I know, as I live and breathe, that my Lord allowed me to go through this for a reason and it was and is up to me as to how I am going to apply the lessons I’ve learned.  Therefore, my decision to become an advocate for those whose lives have been damaged, such as ours, is a well thought out one.  It has went past something that I want to do to something I need to do.  No one should ever be allowed to be victimized by corporation bullies who have been proven to be felonious, and above the judicial merits of this country.

I vow to spend every day, in one way or another, trying to get the word out to those that have not been a party to this fiasco.  I intend to have every politician in our county brought up to date on the rape of American homeowners by the financial institutions of this country and will continue to do so, until the laws are changed and the corporations and banking institutions are held to the same letter of the law as the rest of us.  I vow to be a voice for victims of this crime from this day forward, regardless of how beat up I feel, or when the little losses get me down.  I vow everyday to be voice you need me to be; the provider of comforting words when you need them most and to stay true to my goals as an advocate for the victims and their families; never forgetting what it means to be an advocate for this nations mortgage fraud victims.

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One Response to What it Means to be an Advocate for Mortgage Fraud Victims

  1. I am still fighting a 4 year old fraud case against US BANK stemming from a bait & switch fraud in 2006. see my case here http://www.goo.gl/W5spu I will NOT back down, I WILL hold them accountable.

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