MILESTONE: 100 Blogs About Mortgage Fraud and Forgery by the Banks

Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery perpetrated by US Banks against Innocent Homeowners!

Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery perpetrated by US Banks against Innocent Homeowners!

Today, with this blog posting, I celebrate the milestone of 100 blogs regarding mortgage fraud and forgery, perpetrated against the American homeowner by banks in this country. In reviewing my first blog posting from October 21, 2011,”Is Forgery a Crime when the Bank Does It?“,  I have realized that, even though we have made progress since that first post, we are still fighting the battle of getting the media to take notice of these nationwide tragedies, that are happening in ever state, every day at the hands of the “Too Big to Fail” banks.

It’s not like there aren’t thousands of homeowners to choose from in finding the meat for their stories.  One only needs to examine court records in any courthouse in this country to recognize that an inordinate amount of people are losing their homes through fraud and forgery.  Register of Deeds offices across this country have untold amounts of fraudulent paperwork filtered through their systems, clouding titles and jeopardizing future homeownership; incurring millions of wasted dollars to defend and clear these titles.  Will the banks be paying this bill; or will the homeowners (the victims) have to again pay for the crimes of these corrupt institutions?

What are the prerequisites for a story to be newsworthy?  Let’s see.  We have proven crimes (Sutter vs US Bank); we have countless cases where homeowners have been forced into poverty, fighting for their rights as American citizens, let alone fighting for their very property.  Not newsworthy yet?  We can show where some people, who were thrown so far into the abyss by these corporate outlaws, were so weakened by these crimes that they took their own lives (California Man Takes Life; Foreclosure Victim Commits Suicide).  Yes, we can show deaths stemming from these crimes.  Still not newsworthy?  Maybe you need some other stories, besides mine.  I can provide that.  How about mortgage fraud victim David LeForge’s story, as well as stories by HollyAnn Smith, Christy Zint-Osborn and Rebecca and Scott Misenhelter.

So let me think about this.  We have given you (the media)  proof through the court systems that these crimes have been and are being committed; we have shown you that these crimes have pushed some homeowners to take their own lives because of the devastation that the banks have caused in their lives; and we have provided written testimony of homeowners, in their own words, as to the devastation that these crimes have caused in their lives and it’s still not newsworthy?  Yet you find the rants of some off-his-rocker evangelist a news event?  Something is definitely off-kilter here; however, I am not a conspiracy theorist; I will research for the answers to my questions before I start spouting about whom may be paying the media’s bills.  This is not a rant about  unknown or unverifiable truths.

Therefore, one hundred blogs later, the problem is still the same.  The banks are still paying their high priced attorneys to drag innocent property owners through years of litigation, bleeding this country of its wealth, one homeowner at a time.  The media still chooses to ignore it for reasons that are far beyond this writer.  The pain is still there and growing.

This may be a challenge, but it is far from a problem.  Social media has given us a voice and it is up to those of us whom have had their lives ripped to shreds by the banks in this country, to get these stories out.  We are getting the message out there; one Facebook post and one tweet at a time we will spread the word, until one day, you will have no choice but to listen.  Onward to the next milestone…

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One Response to MILESTONE: 100 Blogs About Mortgage Fraud and Forgery by the Banks

  1. Hinda says:

    I’m one of the people that has been defrauded. I have been fighting for seven years. In order to sue a bank, you have to first try to prove you have a case, and get throught all the motions. If you get throught all the motion, the bank will ask for a summary Judgement for Equitable subrogation v in my case a forged deed and wrongful doing which their are laws that are surpost to protrct you.. The judge will most of the time give it to the bank so that the case is over. Their will not be a trail. Your civil righst will have been taken away, even if you have profe from the government and hand writting examines. By that time you are broke, no wares to go, sold all your valuables, and on a low in come. Some of the seniors will kill themself, others wil end up homeless. The bank do not lose a dime. With trieding your note every day, they will make millions. See Americans Untiled For If some of our judges had their homes stolen, because of hard times, then the laws would be changed. What I’m going to do, I do not know. I’m a widow at 70 years old. No money to move my things, and no wares to go.

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