Values, Morals, Ethics and Conciousness

I WonderOften, I have found myself pondering human values and how they apply to our country’s banking institutions.  Even though they are disguised as corporations, they are ultimately only groups of people.  The buildings may house their corporations, but the individual people inside are the ones that make it work.  Therefore, I have to wonder what these individual at the helm value in life; where is their moral fiber and ethical mindset?  I, also have to wonder about the individuals who followed their mandated directives as if in a state of unconsciousness, mindlessly breaking the law on demand and allowing themselves to be manipulated and eventually, for some, fingered as the fall guy.

The basic principles that most of us follow in life are based on what we place value on in our lives.  Some of those values are cultivated in our youth, and through the years, our perspectives change, life happens and we develop our core value system and our moral character.  We value our families and our faith and hopefully, through it all, we value ourselves.  Which leads me to this question; what do these individuals, who run our banking institutions, value in life?  What makes up their moral values?

Do these individuals value their families?  After all, if they did, why would they ever jeopardize their own children’s future, by taking away their future ability to be homeowners?  Is it because they know that their heirs will be rich, beyond their wildest dreams after they raped the American homeowners of their liberties and properties?

Are these individuals in church every Sunday, networking with the parishioners, patting themselves on the back for a job well done; thanking God for giving them the ability to deceive people and ultimately steal from them their dignity, peace of mind and homes? Don’t spiritual values include compassion, truth and justice?

Do these individuals, whom have followed these directives blindly, value their freedom as Americans; or are they more than willing to throw away all their liberties for the almighty dollar?  After all, why else would someone follow guidelines that would definitely strike a deep moral cord, at least in this writer, and raise a red flag that you, as an employee, are being asked to break the law.  Is any job worth your loss of self-respect, especially when you know that your actions are going to hurt many innocent people?

Do these individuals feel morally conflicted when they spread their mistruths to, and about, the American people?  It seems to me when an individual have been entrusted with “public trust”, they should be of a high moral standard; which means they know the difference between right and wrong.  That means that these individuals knew the difference and yet they still took the errant path as opposed to doing the right thing, is that correct?

Now, let’s tackle ethics, another system of moral ideologies.  Our moral ethics impose reasonable expectations on us as human beings.  We know that morally and ethically it is not right for us to go in and rob a bank; and yet these individuals wonder why the American homeowners are so up in arms when we discover that they have robbed us through forgeries and fraud.

This now leads me to the subject of unconsciousness. We are all names in a database and inanimate objects to each and every one of these individuals and they treat us accordingly with no emotional attachment to our situations that they, themselves, have put us in.  They choose to not notice the human tragedy of this drama that they have caused, because it’s all about the numbers and not the faces of their victims.  It’s about manipulating existing laws, paying for political favors in the guise of political contributions, and feloniously stealing the properties of homeowners across this country, in order to have their monopolistic hold on us, affecting generations to come.  If one considers themselves a morally ethical individual, how could one possibly allow someone to manipulate their life to the point that they are breaking the law and not be of an unconscious mind?

Is this what our forefather’s had in mind when they formed this country?  Was it greed and lack of compassion for other people that made this country great; or was it moral values and a love for God, truth and justice that solidified us as a country?  If we were to believe the individuals that make up our banking institutions, we would find ourselves feeling like a citizen of a third-world country, whose liberties are only to pay our taxes and give up all possessions to the power of the government and financial institutions of our nation.  However, being morally sound people, who know and respect the difference between right and wrong, we know better.

Everyday more and more victimized homeowners are standing up against the banks, based on their personal moral values and soon those numbers will be more than these dishonest and unethical individuals will be able to ignore.  We will fight these corrupt individuals in the true American way; with the truth, and demanding justice for all homeowners whom have been devastated by the crimes of these immoral and unethical individuals that band together as thieves under the guise of public trust.  The banks and the individuals that operate these corporations have truly stirred a sleeping giant; and unfortunately for them, we are conscious.

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One Response to Values, Morals, Ethics and Conciousness

  1. Marymcculley says:

    See YouTube. Why Bank of America fired me. It’s a good insight to why people keep working in banks. It brought tears to my eyes


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