Proof that Ignorance Abounds When it Comes to Mortgage Fraud…

I wish to share with you a comment that was made by the author of Seasons of Grace  & Wisdom|embracing life gracefully, that I received in my email today.  For mortgage victims, this is the type of ignorance that we meet everyday.  This author has since deleted the response from her pages, however, the email was enough for me.  I will share and let you draw your own conclusion on what these words mean to you as a mortgage fraud victim.  Far be it from me not to post the opposite opinion; you can draw your own conclusions…

in response to Mandy:

Wow. I’m sorry to hear that you had such a horrible time. Maybe my story will restore a little faith in people and possibly financial institutions (if not, that’s OK): We recently re-financed, too, and decided not to go with our servicer at the time, mainly because we had heard horror stories and had not […]

“It wasn’t the easiest loan modification we’ve ever done, but it wasn’t brutal. Since I posted this, we’ve had one agent who has worked with us and she’s a gem. She calls once a month as follow-up to see how we’re doing. We still struggle, but we are thankful that we haven’t become bitter about it all. I continually read of homeowners who are losing their homes, or in the process of losing their homes. I’m skeptical of those who say that they did nothing towards their demise as homeowners. The one’s who make the most noise, also, upon investigation, had more to their story than simply This-and-That bank or mortgage company ripping them off through fraud or forgery. In many {most} cases, the homeowners weren’t up front with the banking institutions to begin with. They lost their jobs, or weren’t successful with self-employment ventures, and didn’t share this with the banks holding their mortgages until they were months & months behind in the payments.

What’s worse is that they continue to tell half-truths to the public as they attempt to gain support from the general public. I suppose if they stood in front of the banks, like Bank of America, and shouted through their mega-phones, “I screwed up! If I had gone to {name that bank} when I FIRST started falling behind in my payments because of (name the reason: medical bills, loss of job, loss of unemployment, failed self-employment venture) then I wouldn’t be in the situation I am right now.” they wouldn’t have people showing up for their rallys and picket lines.

As I do more research, I’m finding that when the banks were bailed out, a lot of people decided that this was their way of sliding under the radar and not having to admit their own responsibility towards the eventual loss of their homes. As the idiom implies, “Ignorance is no excuse,” and those individuals who were ignorant of what they were getting into, generally, end up getting the help and assistance they need. The individuals who we generally hear clamoring about injustice are usually those who were not ignorant of their contracts and the law. There is usually always another side to their stories and it is left untold.”

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8 Responses to Proof that Ignorance Abounds When it Comes to Mortgage Fraud…

  1. I guess we are all crazy and she is right ……these people who have always paid and being foreclosed on was their fauld the ones doing a modification and were foreclosed on was their fault…….the ones that were told do a ajustable rate in 3 years just refinance..and in 3 years no refinanceing all their faule and other cases also…….the old couple whoes home owners insurance went from $950 a year to $4,000 in one year how they can pay….but we are all wrong and the banks are right GOOD for her she has her opion

  2. I always believe that people have the right to their own opinion; however, it does amaze me on how comatose some people are. It is easier to blame the victimized homeowner ( as the author of the aforementioned comments stated (” In many {most} cases, the homeowners weren’t up front with the banking institutions to begin with. They lost their jobs, or weren’t successful with self-employment ventures, and didn’t share this with the banks holding their mortgages until they were months & months behind in the payments.”) I don’t know about any of you, but this was definitely not the case for us nor anyone else I know that are in the same sinking ship.

    The author of this comment never once noted anything about the fact that the banking institutions are committing crimes that, had these same homeowners, the ones that she says “weren’t upfront”, would have went to jail for. This author gave no heed to the fact that these people, many whom had lost their jobs, had asked for help through loan modifications, and were not at lucky as her, to have a “gem” to work with. Most were met with unreasonable increases in their monthly payments and forced insurance when they were already insuring their homes. They were met with their names forged to legal documents that had a direct affect on their and their families lives. This author gave no empathy what so ever to the victims of a crime; instead she threw harsh, judgmental words, demonstrating her lack of Grace and Wisdom.

  3. Something is amiss with this person’s posturing. Research? No “research” will turn up such inconspicuous “data.” Even mainstream media admits to four million foreclosures, so far. Modification? This person was in default or foreclosure and another servicer pick up a modification. Doubtfully dubious. This person eludes to another side? Yup, the other side is the banks opinion, as a true homeowner would never, never have such an opinion. Their post/comment was taken down as it was only made to offend you or others. Typically, the banks, their subhuman employees and their attorneys disseminate this type of inaccurate viewpoint. Sadly Sheryl, this was a way to create a distraction or discredit your great work.

    • Thank you…I have to agree. There will always be people out there that will slam you for anything you do; the trick is not to let it get to you and move on. It is easier for them to say your wrong, than to actually do the homework to find out that they just might be the one who is wrong. We go through years of lessons, yet this author chooses to set herself above those who have lived it and pretend that she knows what it is to be in our shoes. It must be nice to be able to judge the masses, standing on Christianity, but yet demonstrating just the opposite with their words. It saddens me that people can be so close minded and judgmental 😦

  4. Jazzy Light says:

    This girl was hired by the banks, for the banks and is not even real. Her situation does not even exist and she is a writer/shill for the banksters. What do you bet? Find out some pertinent data on her if you can and betcha I am right

  5. JohnR says:

    Sooo what… about 12 million foreclosures since around 2007… and about 3 weeks ago Goldman Saks says another 12 million are coming… doesn’t speak to well for the Banks as investment advisers now does it? I mean if they made all of those loans expecting to get their whatever % rate of return and all… would that make 12 million people deadbeats? Oh, no, because there’s usually at least 2 in each housefhold that would make 24 million deadbeats wouldn’t it? Gee, that even speaks worse of the Banks as investment advisors… to say nothing about all those professional investment advisors who recommended Mortgage Backed Securities for almost every pension and retirement fund, private and Government… on the Planet! But have ya noticed the Bankers are having their best few years ever? I mean I saw one article saying some were being paid as much as $35,000 AN HOUR! Can you imagine that? Hell, that’s more than a drug cartel makes in a day! But still I gotta wonder what happens when all the deadbeats are homeless… I mean who wants to rent to a deadbeat… and if Goldman Saks is right it’s gonna be around 48 million in not to very short of time. All lthose houses empty and nobody wants to rent them… the values of houses keep dropping… 12 million more they’rs saying will cut the values they are now in half! You know once your house is gone you got nothing left to lose. So if you’ve got nothing left to lose… the Bankers can’t get any more… right? So I wonder how the Bankers are gonna keep up their profit margins? I mean $35,000 an hour with no more people to give loans too… they all got bad credit… and house prices still falling farther and farther, I really gotta wonder who they’ll start taking from next? Hmmmmmm. Maybe folks who aren’t in trouble ought to start keepin an eye on this one. They’re the only targets left.

  6. Kt Hamlet says:

    I wonder what she would say to someone who never missed any payments and was still foreclosed on…I’ve been fighting for my home of 18 years for 3 years now, I have all the proof that I was paying all along. I won round 1 in April against CitiMortgage, but I know they will come back after me…Did CitiMortgage fix their “mistake”, no they still claim Im in default. Thank-you for all you do helping other fighting this fight!

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