When People Don’t Get It…Part II

As demonstrated on my previous post, as well as my post When People Don’t Get It, many people are of the opinion that “we”, the “so-called” victimized homeowners, are just “making a mountains out of a mole hills”, and trying to get “a free house” over insignificant “so-called crimes” of forgery and fraud.   They throw their opinions to the wind and then they get indignant when someone calls them on their lack of empathy, or reason; touting their judgmental insensitivity to the world,  not once considering that they may be wrong, or just not educated enough in the subject to be judging people that have been “schooled” for many years (beyond what it takes to get a Masters) in this very tragic situation that is happening to middle America.

They take their negativity, because of their lack of true knowledge, and slam those that are standing their ground to ensure that, yes, even their grandchildren have the ability to be future homeowners.   Yet these people with their judgments and lack of empathy now, will be the first to be up in arms when and if that time comes.  They will wonder how it all came to this, never realizing or admitting that they were warned.  They rip at the premise of our cause because no one has tried to rip their homes from them (yet).  They stand in judgment of shoes they have never filled.

What sadden’s me most is that our country’s media has caused this lack of knowledge to occur; protecting the banks by not reporting the pain that American’s, all over this country, have been facing for the past seven years.  What the realists of this country need to realize is that if they are believing what the media is telling them, they are truly being idealistic…idealistic to the belief that our nations new station’s are actually reporting the all the news.  They are being idealistic to the idea that our banking industry would never break the law or try to steal thousands of homes.

You can’t fix ignorance if it doesn’t want to be fixed.  We can only stand our ground and not let negative Nellie’s make us rethink what we are doing.  I, for one, have had too many years of soul searching under my belt to have anyone ever stray me from the course I have chosen for my life.  This is not about what anyone thinks; it’s about preserving what made this country great.  It’s about standing on our constitution and it’s about making criminals pay for their crimes, legally and justly; just as would happen to anyone of us, should we break the law.



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5 Responses to When People Don’t Get It…Part II

  1. http://www.examiner.com/article/activists-and-homeowner-evicted-from-foreclosed-house-by-swat-team

    The above link is a sad testimony to how evil the foreclosure process has become. It is difficult to believe that it has become this evil, thus, many people do not yet believe it. Still, this austerity is here, and it is growing and if we do not take a stand our lives may very well become like the “hunger games”, we might become the source of entertainment to those who can afford to detach themselves from their humanity.

  2. Unbelievable! May I share this on http://www.facebook.com/ShareYourStoryofMortgageFraud? (Share Your Story of Mortgage Fraud). I share other victim’s of mortgage fraud’s story and I would really like to have your permission to share yours…

  3. Claims are for false and Misleading Statements in the Offer and Sale of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (“RMBS”). RMBS are securitizations are not the pools of loans alleged in public filings. Nor do RMBS investors receive payments out of the principal and interest that residential loan borrowers pay on the underlying loans.
    Claims are subject to the purchase and sale of title for an amount that exceeds the outstanding loan balance at time of the loans origination. Title is conveyed at the notes face value and held for a term subject to reporting a subsequent transaction and gain on sale.
    The amount booked as a gain is applied to the amount collected from the household where each are offset as credit or debit. Interest earned is scheduled upon issuing a tax payer1098 I Interest in the asset being sold entitles the title holder to post a gain on sale. That gain is charged to the household in a 1099 at the calendar year end from the date of the subject foreclosure
    Defendants issued a 1099 A for CYE 2012 for an October 30th 2012 Sheriffs Sale. If they issued the 1099 for the period in question the household never owned title and the parties transacting, Mers and the bank who wired fund into settlement concluded a purchase and sale for capital gains “profit”
    …..See I.R.C (26 U.S.C.A.) Sections 911 B BITTKER AND EBB United Sates Taxation of Foreign Income Persons 193-209 (2d Ed. 1968) Note Sec. 911 Tax Reform , 54 Minn L. Rev 823 (1970)

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