Court Orders? So What…We are the Bank…

Wachovia Center Philly

Wachovia Center Philly (Photo credit: jasonb42882)


What the hell is wrong with our legal system?  It is obvious in the case of Harolyn Rhue,  who has been fighting World Savings, Wachovia and Wells Fargo; who received a stay from eviction from the court; yet deputies and the bank showed up at her home and evicted her.  So now we not only break the laws; we also defy court orders as well.  At what point in time did this all become acceptable?


I consider myself to be fairly intelligent with a good foundation of common sense to rely on, however, I have either become totally loony or this whole nation has fallen off its rocker.  I am pretty sure that going against a court order is considered “contempt of court” and if my memory serves me correctly, don’t you get jail time for that?  Or is that a law only for common folk?


I find myself becoming extremely annoyed with the thought that the very judicial system that is set in place to protect the innocent, is being manipulated and, in this case, ignored and everybody (as in the banks, government and media) is all “business as usual.”  Then, they wonder why there is civil unrest.  When the people rise up against those that are breaking the law, through peaceful protest, they are thrown in jail.  When people go to the courts to seek protection against the perpetrators of the crime; they are either thrown to the wolves, losing their homes to fraud or they are supported by the courts and the banks just does what it wants to with the backing of local law enforcement.  Guess these officers didn’t get the memo.


Ten years ago you would have never made me believe that these types of things could ever happen to someone in the United States.  Ten years ago, I believed in our justice system and our banking system.  Today, I believe that we have all been duped.  Today I believe that our judicial system has been compromised and the banking system holds the purse strings, and therefore have the ability to mold the law.  Today I believe that if we do not take a united stand there will be very few tomorrows to look forward to.  Today I believe it is time to stand up to those that look to trash our country, whether they be a bank, a congressman, a president or the media.  Today I believe it’s time that we, the people stand behind people like Harolyn Rhue and the Murray’s, and not back down.


How insane is it that we cannot even depend on local law enforcement to follow the law; instead taking their lead from the banks?  All I can say is that I am ashamed of where the values of those that supposedly love our country lie; and I am ashamed of those that profess to have our citizens best interest at heart.  If that were true, the banks would have never gotten to the power that they enjoy today.  If that were true, there wouldn’t be countless homeowners left homeless through fraud by the banks.


God save us all…Amen










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