Keeping Perspective as a Victim of Mortgage Fraud


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When your life is slammed in such a way that it results in job loss, emotional upheaval and financial collapse, especially when you have done nothing wrong; our perspectives about our lives are sent into a spiraling, overwhelming and out of control downward thrust, that if not analyzed, can cause one to become angry with the world, isolated and eventually a shell of a human being.  Perspective is everything to surviving the type of grief associated with this type of victimization.


When you think life can’t get any worse, it seems that when we are going through this process, we often find that, yes, it can get worse.  Every day is spent wondering what wrecking ball will slam into our self-worth today.  Without perspective these assaults against us can cause our mental stability to falter as we are being corporately raped every day during these judicial processes.  With soulless attorneys at their helm, these institutions have done everything in their power to insure that they will obtain our properties, by hook or by crook.  We have no control over what they do; but we do have control over our own thoughts and emotions.  This is where perspective comes in.


When I feel like I am at the bottom of the pile I have to ask myself this one question, “Is this the worst thing that has ever happened to me?” For those of you that know our story, the answer is a definitive NO.  No one is telling us that someone we love has passed; which to us, personally, is the worst thing that has ever happened in our life.  Although this victimization has taken a toll on our lives, of which we did not deserve; we still have our family and the ones that mean the most to us.  If anything, this process will reveal to you what is really important in your individual lives.  This will cause shifts in your friendships, as those who don’t understand, or don’t wish to understand, slowly distance themselves from you as if you have a plague; not wanting to be associated with we, the victims, that are deemed “deadbeats”.


Does this hurt?  Hell yes it hurts.  We have spent years nurturing relationships only to find out that it was for naught.  However, is losing a friend or family member the worst thing that has ever happened to me?  No, definitely not.  We are not the ones that walked away.  We were the ones that are standing against unlawful actions and it has cost us dearly.  We are being judged because we don’t think like the masses that have yet to be affected by this crime.  For those whom have been lucky enough to not be caught up in this debacle, count your blessings; because if you ever do happen to slip into this world of hell, you will discover that the process is grueling and your judgments were in error.


We will survive this mortgage fraud issue, just as we have survived everything else in our lives.  We will not only survive it, we will thrive once we have laid this behind us.  However, it will not be behind us until the laws are in place to protect our children and our children’s children.  I did not join this fight to leave once my plight is solved.  I joined this fight because I am a God-fearing, country loving, American and I believe that the laws of the land are meant for every one; not just the chosen few.


My time on this earth will not be marred by those who have victimized me; nor will my appreciation for living in a country that has more freedoms than any other country on this planet.  However, in order for it to remain a country of rights, we have to fight when those rights are stepped upon.  We cannot ignore when government or corporations get out of control and begin taking on the stance that they are above the law.  My loss of friendships, over fighting for this is just the sacrifices we have to make.  We can only pray that someday they will gain perspective and understanding, but if they don’t, it is not up to us to change their thoughts; that will come when these crimes start affecting their lives and someday it eventually will, when you realize that your rights are not what they use to be.  Be grateful for the people who are standing up and making those sacrifices for you and your children; because one day it might be you standing outside your front door, through no fault of your own, unable to get in.


Our perspectives in life drive what we fight for and what we stray away from.  By realizing that this is not the worst thing that we can go through in life, it allows us to gather our wits and keep clarity of thought as we stand against the crimes of these institutions.  What is your perspective on life as a mortgage fraud victim?


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2 Responses to Keeping Perspective as a Victim of Mortgage Fraud

  1. darrell neilander says:

    Hi Sheryl, Do you have a seperate email I wanted to send you this motion . Just when you think you heard of everything. Darrell


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