Looking to God when Fighting the Devil

We, as mortgage fraud victims, come from all faiths and all walks of life.  Some practice Christianity, while other practice a multitude of different faiths that permeate our world; whatever our faith, the basic principles are the same.  No matter what the religion, we all, for the most part, believe in the following ideologies:

  • “As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap”
  • “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”
  • “Blessed To Forgive”
  • “Do Not Harm Anything”
  • “God is Love”
  • “Honor the Elderly”
  • “Honor Thy Father and Mother”
  • “Judge Not”
  • “Keep Company with the Wise”
  • “Love Thy Neighbor”
  • “Love Your Enemies”
  • “Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone”
  • “More Blessed To Give To Receive”
  • “Seek and Ye Shall Find”
  • “Speak Truth”
  • “The World is Our Family”
  • “There are Many Paths to God”
  • “There is One God”
  • “Thy Will Be Done”
  • “We Are Made in the Image of God”
  • “Wisdom Is More Precious than Riches”

I have noted that there have been times, while perusing the multitude of groups that have been formed by fed up homeowners, that some drag God through the mud; either by spouting guidance, not in a loving way, but in a way as if to call the victimized homeowners sacrileges and as I saw recently, a “type”.   How can we profess our spirituality when we are being venomous to those who are all in the same boat?  I, personally, will approach this challenge with God in my heart and will not be caught up in the fray of those who want to approach this in a negative way.  We are fighting for the rights that we have earned over the past two hundred and fifty years as an American.  The negativity needs to be directed at the banks; not each other.

We always hear about separation of church and state, however, this country was firmly grounded in our commitment to our God, as depicted on most of the federal buildings

English: Ten Commandments monument at the Mowe...

throughout this country.  We base our values on our spiritual beliefs and so did our forefathers.  So where does attacking your fellow victims in this crime help anyone.  Straight up, it doesn’t.  We are not here to fight each other; we are here to fight the devil, whom in this case is the banking institutions and the government officials that back the criminal acts of these organizations.

We all get angry and we all fall short of the glory of God; but if you are going to stand your ground and profess your annoyance, respect that we are all fighting the same fight and dissension among the ranks will only further to make those people not affected by these crimes not care about our cause, deeming us as unruly and unorganized.  We all need to keep our wits and remember that despite our differences, in this case, we are all the same.  We have been victimized by a system that is set up to reward the arsonist and the only way that we are ever going to win is to show an organized and u.n.i.t.e.d. front.

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