We Were the Lucky Ones

Richmond Villa, estate of Abraham Law (and lat...

Richmond Villa, estate of Abraham Law (and later others) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I look at where our journey as mortgage fraud victims has taken us; it has only been recently that I have come to the conclusion that we are the lucky ones.  Thanks to a wonderful attorney, whose forte was not real estate law; we were able to fight for our home, trading skills for skills to help offset the legal costs.  Ultimately, in the end we did end up with an avoided mortgage; and even though our journey is on a different path, it is far from over.

We still are in our home, although the poor girl could definitely use some tender loving care.  We may be financially broke, but we are not broken.  We have not lost astronomical amounts of money, and we have managed to live in this home for the past six years without making a payment.  So when I look at our situation compared to those who have been physically removed from their homes, especially when they kept up with their payments, I realize that we have been blessed and I should never complain about what we have went through; because compared to others, ours was a breeze.  When I see people’s possessions and animals being locked into a home that they are stealing, I am sickened to my very core.  It’s bad enough that the banks are taking these homes illegally; however, now they are jeopardizing the health of the victimized homeowner’s pets and taking their personal possessions of which they have no right to.  When you signed on the dotted line, did you see the fine print where it said that the security included everything you own including pets?  What’s next, are you going to take the children too?  People get sick and their ailments are used against them, because it ensures the bank that they most likely won’t get their payments and therefore, can go after these homes, after a feeble attempt to “assist” the homeowner in getting some type of loan modification.  These people are like a deer in the sights of an avid hunter.  The banks can pretend to care, and can lead the down-on-his-luck homeowner around by the nose for a while; instilling hope only to later renege on the deal, and kick the foreclosure process into full gear.  I am amazed and appalled at what is going on throughout this country.  I am ashamed at where greed has taken this nation.

As a victim of mortgage fraud I find it hard to feel like a casualty of this war when we still have our home and multitudes of others have lost theirs.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t still feel victimized by the system; and it surely doesn’t mean that I will back down from the fight that we still have to endure.  I will continue to use what I have learned and try to help those that were less fortunate than us.  However, as I reflected in my previous post, Keeping Perspective as a Victim of Mortgage Fraud, this has had a definite effect on my perspective of our situation.  If I have learned anything in this journey, it’s that whenever you think your situation is insurmountable, one only needs to look down the street to see someone who is having it worse.

This realization has made me more thoughtful of other’s plights; it has made me want to fight even harder than I wanted to before.  The only difference now is that I am not just doing it for us and our plight; because the reality of our situation is that we, in many ways, have been blessed.  Seeing blessings are hard when you are too wrapped up in your own situation.  It takes looking at others’ situations to make you realize that even though your circumstance is overwhelming, life could be so much worse; and for some it truly is.

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One Response to We Were the Lucky Ones

  1. There is no room for ethics in the foreclosure crisis. The banks trade houses like they trade stamps. It is not the INTRINSIC value of the home that matters – only its value as a commodity. People, pets, family heirlooms – who cares! You are just another NUMBER in the world of the BANKSTERS!


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