The Devil is in the Details of a Timing Game ~ Part II

Dining Room Ceiling 1

I am assuming that it will take my house literally “falling on my head”  before we are able to get the insurance check, that was cut six weeks ago, out of the clutches of a bank that has never had one ounce of interest in our home.  This is what we woke up to this morning after a night of non-stop rain.  Had we received the insurance check, from the bank, I would not be looking at this potentially dangerous situation right now.

Dining Room Ceiling 2

I quickly snapped these pictures and sent them to my attorney this morning with a message that said, “ I do believe that we have reached a critical situation.”  This sent my attorney into motion.  We will not, as we originally planned, wait until next Monday to start action.  We will be filing a lawsuit against them this week.  This will not save our house from possibly collapsing on our heads; and I pray that we don’t have other issues due to the fact that this is just inches away from the ceiling light.

Waking to this has had my head spinning most of the day; but not in a bad way.  My main concern is that no one gets hurt (including me) while we play the “take you to court” game.  We already have tarped most of the roof; we might as well wrap her up like a Christmas present for the holidays and call it a day; because it will probably take us until Christmas (of what year I am not sure) to get the money issued by the insurance company to fix this.  By then I am sure that I will have filed for another insurance claim; after all, they are the ones that insisted on insuring the house and it’s because of them that the damage is continually getting worse.

This one almost brought me to tears when I saw it; it took a lot of praying for me to keep my composure and not let the pressure of this pull me down.  Thank God for my faith, because I don’t know how people can survive without it.  I took a moment, in the shower of all places, and prayed that God would keep my faith strong and spirit high (I could feel myself slipping).  Within an hour or so I was at work and was already feeling better.  Contacted the attorney, check; took pictures, check; pushing for a resolution, check.  That is the best that I can do with this situation now.  There is nothing else I can do now but wait; a skill that I have become very good at over the past several years; and I have to be good with that.  I have to trust that God will get us through, and I do.

This is another fine opportunity for the question, “is this the worst thing that has ever happened to me?” and again, it’s not.  It’s just a tad bit unnerving to look up and see the ceiling coming down to greet you.

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2 Responses to The Devil is in the Details of a Timing Game ~ Part II

  1. JohnR says:

    you need to get a piece of thin plywood and, using drywall screws, attach it to the ceiling to hold the drywall up. Otherwise it’s probably wet and gonna fall. Get a guy with a screw gun and it’ll only take minutes. Good Luck!

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