Reaching a Breaking Point



Tears.. (Photo credit: Baban Shyam)

With bills beating on us, low employment, a broke down vehicle, a ceiling that may or may not withstand tonight’s derecho, a botched getaway and this fiasco with insurance on the house, I have come very close to hitting the brink; when, finally, a little ray of sunshine came my way in the form of an email from our attorney.  Although at the moment it doesn’t help our circumstance, it does prove once again that God is always working in the background.

“Today I filed a lawsuit v. Ocwen Loan Servicing in the Ingham County [Lansing] Circuit Court.     It was unnecessary for you to sign the complaint.   For that reason we filed it today after I had finalized it early this afternoon.

The Judge to whom the case was assigned agreed with my request to issue a show cause order which requires Ocwen to “show cause” why the Court should not immediately order Ocwen to turn over the insurance check.      The first available date for the hearing is July 10 at 2:30 p.m.     The show cause order also requires Ocwen to respond to the show cause order 5 business days before the hearing, which is July 2, 2013.

Tomorrow our courier will deliver a copy of the complaint, summons and show cause order to Ocwen’s resident agent in Michigan [a law firm in East Lansing].    We will also mail a copy of these materials to Ocwen in Ohio.   Ordinarily Ocwen would have 21 days after personally receiving the lawsuit paper to respond.   However, as mentioned above, it must respond to the show cause order by July 2 which will be less than 21 days after Ocwen receives the papers.”

As I was starting to feel like I was losing my ability to hold on to my faith and have an outright sob-fest, I decided that before I totally let myself end up on the bed in a sobbing heap I would check my email.  The joy I felt when I saw that there was an email from my attorney was instant, because I knew, from our previous correspondence, that the next time I would hear from him, it would be to let me know that they had filed the lawsuit to force the bank to give us this much needed money to fix our home.   However after receiving this news, between the challenges of this week and the relief I received in this appropriately timed correspondence, I ended up a sobbing mess anyhow.  Partly because of what was going on, partly because I felt like I had momentarily lost my faith and partly because, finally, after all that we have endured, we have a court date.

Faith is so hard to adhere to when life seems to continually kick you.  I felt so utterly flawed when I couldn’t grasp firmly enough to my faith, not to fall into such a state of despair.  I just have to remember that I am human, and therefore, I will always fall short of the glory of God.  I usually feel so strong in my faith and today, I was a spineless jellyfish.  Allowing all the emotions to build and have their way with my mind demonstrating what a weak creature I can be at times.

Now that the crying and feeling sorry for myself is over, I realize the blessings that have come out of that email.  Every time that we have ever had to go to court, it would take anywhere from a year to a year and a half to get a date; by our attorney filing in state court and requesting a show cause order, we have under thirty days to wait, praise God.

I also have to be thankful for the fact that we are the only original players in this game.  The bank players are different, the lawyers are different and the court system is different as well.  This does not bode well for the bank that was sold the avoided mortgage.

I know that I have a long way to go in regards to my faith; today demonstrated that to me.  However, I also realize that I can’t always be “Sally Sunshine” and that, as a human, things are going to get to me at times and I can’t beat myself up for being human.  I know that I am faithful and I know that God forgives me when I don’t quite get it right.

Fighting mortgage fraud has taught me so many lessons; from learning patience with a federal court system that takes forever to get anything accomplished to understanding that the laws are not fair and just.  It has taught me that I need to keep my eyes to God and understand that even though I may not understand why I am going through what I am, I do understand that there is a greater purpose.  Let go and let God, as they say.

Although this week has been one of my rougher ones in a while, I have to say that I still am able to see the blessings that have occurred.  What I discovered is that no matter how strong you think you are, there is a weakness in all of us; and sometimes it’s good to experience the weakness so that we can re-tap into our strength.  It’s like my ceiling, once my husband poked a hole in it and relieved the pressure that was building up, it stopped falling.  Crying once in a while about our circumstance is bound to happen as long as when it’s over, we get back to task, not letting our momentary pressures stop us from moving forward.








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2 Responses to Reaching a Breaking Point

  1. Hinda says:

    For 7 years I have lived a nightmare, and the nightmare has just gotten worst. It stater off That I was trying to save my Husband’s and my business, plus my home after the unexpanse death of my husband.We had just taken out our frist mortgage, after owning our home for years, My husband died, I had to remortgage the house. Thats when my nightmare begain. Trying to remortgage and then trying for a Reverse mortgage my home was stolen. One day I went for the mail and I recieved 4 letters. One was rent with oppion to buy. The next was a three dollar check, from a lawyer with no note,from another part of state. The third was for a mortgage playment for my home in someone elses name and a credit report for that same person. The rent with to opion to buy was for $950.00, the mortgage was for $1550.00. I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. I went to the internet and it told me what to do.I called the DA’s office with these documents. This was all on a Friday. The DA”s investergater called me back. I faxed him the documents. He called me back. He could not help me,but call the fraud until in this county.It was to late to call them. A four day hoiladay started. I called my mortgage company, they told me I sold my home. On Wed. I got a hold of them. It took weeks with writting back and force. Finally from the Attorney Generals office a letter came we cann’t help you get a private lawyer. I called every org. that could help. None could help, because I lived up state NY and they only help poeple in NYC. I called 30 lawyers and none would help. I called the DA’s investagater again. He investeragated for a few days and closed the case. The nottory had disappeared alrealy. I called the scams arts mortgage company got copies of all the documents went back to the investeragater and he would not reopen the case’ I got an eviction notice.The scam arts broke into my home. The police let him go and said it was a civil matter. I called legal aid. Legal aid got the first eviction desmissed. The second eviction was dissimess, do to a lawyer’s adv. a friend found in the senior citzen news paper, started the law suite. Lawyer did what he wanted. He did not sue all the company’s. I figuer he know what he was doing. In the mine time I wrote to Senators,the FBI, got a hold of Hand writting Examiners. Two told me the hand writing was not mine. The third put it in writing. I went back to the investeragater, he would not reopen the case. I was in and out of court, my lawyer when he did not want to go to court, he would have a postponment or quite. He never sent all the afferdavids. He missed answering some of the documents. By the time he quite for the third time, I asked the court to find a new lawyer for me. During the time I wrote to the govern of NYS. He sent an investeragater, and wrote to the license burial. The license buriel revoked the apprasisers license for misconduct., they could not find the nottery and revoked he’s license for good. The title agency did not have a license at that time. The state investergater wrote that I was defrauded. The court got me another lawyer. We appealed some of the answers with the appealt court. My appeal is on the the internet., we won the write to try and prove my case.The bank asked for a summary judgement for equitable subrogation. My second lawyer was get married and moving to another statte. She answered the summary, The judge give the bank it to the bank. She got me a third lawyer. He tried to appeal the summary. It was dined. Their was default on the titel agency and the scam arts from the first lawyer. The judge diend those, because of a statue of limitition. Know the Bank has the wright to forclose on the scam arts. They broke me. I have now why in buying my house back. With profe of the Deed of transfer forged all the other deeds forged I lost the right for a trail. My signuter is misspelt on the deed of transfer and the settlement document. Their was no power of attorney. All the documents was signed on a friday, the same day as the sttlement. The scam arts, apprasier, and the nottery lived neither one another in Nassu , LS. The settlement was in West Chester , NY. The second nottery was at the settlement, related to the banks lawyer, and my home in in upstate NY ( Orange County,NY). The scam arts was a part owner of a bank which had a real astate school, and something to do with Reverse Mortgage. The scam arts tried to sell the house,my law suite stopped him. He tried to remortgage but his credit stopped him. He had a corp. company want house. The is differen from most homes. It has a swimming pool in side, a pool table in the same room and jucousey His credit report had 39 defaults and a core of 600. The bank I have been fighting is AIG.

    I have found out throw this case the the laws for forgery is not legal, no power of attorney is legal, anyone can forge a deed and record it. Like the news paper should how easy it was to steal the empower state building with in 90 minutes.No rights for a real trail, do to judges not understanding what happened, and how a law our a 100 years old will over come the truth. The new law void if you can prove the deed has been forged mines nothing. The victom becomes a victom again. Their are no laws to reverse this case nor help. Another senior becomes homeless at 70 years old.

    • May I share your story. We had our signatures forged, notorized and filed in 2005…the mortgage was avoided in 2007 and in 2012 the US 6th Circuit Court told the bank they are not entitled to an equitable mortgage…to this day the bank still has their name on our deed, insure the house and pay the taxes. Our only crime was reporting the crime. With your permission I would like to copy and paste your story on my site at

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