The Promise of the Rainbow


On Monday, wicked storms approached our fragile abode with damaging winds and torrential rains; saved only by the existence of wind shear that stopped rotating clouds from getting a foothold.  Knowing that the storm was coming I quickly gathered all that meant anything to me (my three dogs, my laptop and my phone; hubby was working) and headed for our Michigan basement.  During this rushing around, my daughter was on her way back to her home which was west of us.  I received a frantic phone call as she was watching what she believed to be a tornado forming just over her head.  She was on the expressway doing close to eighty to outrun this mammoth storm cloud and on the phone with me.  I immediately made her hang up; then jettisoning myself into a state of motherly worry and concern.  I immediately prayed for her safety as I continued to round up the dogs and get them to shelter.  Just as I was closing the basement door our emergency sirens were starting to blare and the sky was a mean shade of black; rain pouring down in sheets.  For the first time, during a weather event, I was truly frightened; not so much for me as I was for my daughter and the hundreds of others that were on the expressways just before rush hour.

The storm raged through quickly, however, the brunt of it had hit just west of us; which was exactly where my daughter was driving.  As I came out of the basement, relieved to see that everything was still standing and rain was still cascading into a cooler in the middle of the dining room; I called my daughter.  To my huge relief she answered.  You could hear the fear that what she had just been through wavering in her voice as she described dodging flying trees and limbs; hitting one and popping a tire.  She managed to make it to her house as we were talking; with the sounds of the storm sirens resounding heavily on both her end and mine.

It was still pouring outside; however the back side of the storm was just east of us.  The sun was shining fiercely through the downpour, setting the stage for a beautiful double-rainbow; a promise of hope after the storm.

We all face these storms in our lives, whether they are a force of nature or through the drama that is sometimes called our lives.  When the storm was approaching my first thoughts were about those that I loved; through the storm as well as after, the only thoughts I had were about the safety and well-being of my family.  When the storm passed and I knew that my family was safe, I found peace in being able to relish the promise of this magnificent rainbow.

Although the storm caused fear and uneasiness; it passed and was replaced by the glory of the sun, causing the world to shine like diamonds as it bathed in the glow of that of which it had just survived.  It gave a fresh new perspective to the world and to life.

As mortgage fraud victims, we have all had to weather these storms.  We have all had the fear that these tempests place into our lives; however, we always need to be mindful that these storms will pass, the fear will subside and we will be able to go on with our lives.  We need to be aware that our very personal situations are, for the most part, very impersonal to most in the world.  We are the ones that need to weather our storms; and hopefully our friends and family will draw near; like the wind shears that saved us yesterday, keeping us grounded and not out of control with our emotions and fears.doublerainbow

I pray every day, not only for us, but for all of you that are going through these seemingly never-ending storms, that we will all find our rainbow; that we will all stand in OUR HOMES and watch as these storms pass.  I pray that we all have the strength to walk outside and behold the beauty and the assurance of our own personal rainbows, and the promise and hope that they truly bestow.

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