Finding Peace on the Lakeside

Know your blessings, cherish them and sow more...

This is a day that is all about enjoying the true blessings in life; spent with my wonderful husband and youngest granddaughter, camping at a beautiful, inland lake, of which Michigan is famously known for.  King’s Landing is a recreational campground located on Miller Lake in the Village of Columbiaville; a small country community just inside the thumb of our great state.  When I am looking for solitude, this is where I come.  A ten minute commute from my home, it’s the perfect escape for a minimum amount of dollars.


We are not your “old-fashioned” campers by any sense of the word.  Yes, we set up a tent and we have a campfire, but we also make sure to enjoy our modern technologies as well.  I know, I know; well at least I don’t have internet and to me, that’s roughing it.


This Wednesday, we will appear in the Ingham County Courthouse for the default hearing against the bank regarding the insurance claim we placed against their forced insurance in April; hence making this the perfect weekend to get in touch with the really important things in life; and that is family.  Those precious moments that will become a fond memory in a child’s mind; as well as the mind of an aging, grateful woman, whom has grown to understand that these types of memories are necessary in life to make us whole.


Wednesday will come and go, and no matter how it ends up, I will still have my family; each one an essential part of my life.  I lean strongly on the serenity prayer, each and every day, understanding that there are things in our lives that are not in our control.  In reality, the only thing we do have any control over is ourselves.  We have the ability to calm ourselves and find that inner peace that life somehow tends to rip away from us.   That is, until we realize and accept that we can only control what is within us and that we need find a way to be good with those things that we have had absolutely no control over.  We do what is necessary in life and sometimes we fail; but it does not mean that we are failures.  It means that we have to stand up, dust ourselves off and start anew; but not always to the same path.   We only have ourselves in this world to depend upon when it comes to how we, personally, deal with each and every situation as it arises.  We are the only ones that can take the emotions that are within us and turn them to our benefit.


When part two of our mortgage fraud journey began, after the US 6th Circuit Court ruling, I had many demons that I needed to rid myself of.  Nothing was clear at that time, but the years of anger and bitterness over this battle had taken its toll.  As wonderful as our situation seemed to be, it was not absent on us that the journey was far from over.  I, personally, had to make a decision.  Do I continue, the way I have, each and every moment feeling as if someone has personally assaulted me  and ravaged my life; or do I take charge of my life, quit taking it all personally and get down to the business of finalizing this chapter of our lives.  Luckily for me, I chose the second of those options.  It has not been easy and in the past year-and-a-half, there has been a definite change in my attitude, my goals and my life.


Sitting here, lakeside, listening to the early morning sounds of the campground is soothing; even with the bustling of other campers whom are starting to get around and start their day.  Children are laughing in the background and the smell of last night’s campfire still hangs heavy in the air.  A family is slowly walking out into the water, being the first to feel the cool of the morning water gently massages against their ankles.  It’s going to be a great day.  My husband is great at being a grandpa that he is and is rowing our ten-year old granddaughter and her new found friend around the lake in a rowboat.   The mirrored lake ripples gently as he slowly breaks the glass of the lake as the oars pushed smoothly through the water of the small ten-acre lake.  What problems do I truly have when I look around me and understand that it’s not the material things in life that set us free and give us joy?   It’s the blessings of a spouse whom honors their commitment to you; it’s the children that you nurtured and watched blossom into adulthood and it’s the gift, for that parental journey, of grandchildren whom look to you, their grandparent, for unconditional love and support.  It’s the faithful dog that lies by your side and the beauty of Gods world that surrounds you.  No matter what the outside world does to us, we are in control of what our minds do with all of that.  We can continue to be victims or we can become survivors.  Viewing ourselves as victims only victimized our souls further; viewing ourselves as survivors, allows us to put the anger behind us and move forward in our lives.  Dan and I have chosen to be survivors and move forward, despite the outcome of our current situation.


There are several ways that our case can go on Wednesday, from being worse off than we are now to having everything we are asking for to be granted.  In the past, this would have been gut-wrenching for me.  Waiting for the time to pass, with one delay after another, agonizing over what the next decision will do to our lives.  It’s not that way this time.  There is an odd calmness that has befallen me and I know that I have truly (not halfheartedly) placed our situation squarely in the hands of God.  I stand by my decision to let the chips fall where they may; and wherever they land, we are going to be good with that.  I spent the better part of the first four months last year searching for an attorney that had the guts to take on part two of our case.  I separated myself from my husband and my home and worked diligently at jumping that hurdle.  I did not go through all that so that I can worry about how it’s all going to end.  God led me each and every step of the way through that journey and I am not going to doubt the wisdom of his selections for my life.  I see that journey for what it was; a way to cleanse my soul of the darkness that this experience had laid upon my life.  Many times during my journey of trying to find good legal representation I came close to giving up, but I knew that God was going to do for me what needed to be done, and behold, he did.


I don’t sit and worry about our situation anymore and have truly reached the “it is what it is” stage of this journey.  At least when it is done, we will know where we stand and be able to make some forward thinking moves in regards to where our lives are going to end up.  Good, bad or indifferent, when the final gavel falls in our case, the past will be put aside and we will move toward where God wants us to be.


The sun has rose higher in the sky since I first started typing, and the breeze is gentle and cooling.  What a wonderful place to be able to write.  I pray that all of you whom have been fighting this war along with us, that you find your peace of mind in all of this.  I am not saying that you have to be good with any of this; but in your mind you have to know that this is not what life is; and truly it is only a small part of our lives; and although unjust, it does not take away the essence of who we are and does not define our lives.


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