The Banks Lead You to Believe this is Personal: It’s Not

English: Ingham County Courthouse in Mason, Mi...

English: Ingham County Courthouse in Mason, Michigan, USA. December, 2006. Photograph by Tim Hollosy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As mortgage fraud victims, you may think that I stray from the subject sometimes; however, if we, as human beings are not in control of our emotions and fears, this battle will send us to our graves.  Stress kills, and the only way to avoid that, outside of being put into a coma by either pills or alcohol, is to figure out how to reach that stage of serenity in our lives when all hell is breaking loose.  We, as mortgage fraud victims, have taken it very personal that the banks have done this to us; when in reality, it wasn’t personal at all.  It was wanton, malicious, criminal, tortious and a host of other like words, but it was never personal.  Let me explain my reasoning.


I realized this, almost as a revelation, last Wednesday in the hallway of the Ingham County Courthouse, when the banks’ attorney, whom had never met us; her only familiarity of us was what she saw on paper, reacting as if we had taken the food from her baby’s mouth and burned down her house.  They want us to take it personal, because they realize if they can hit us in our ego, that in most cases, it will cripples us; because while we are trying to recover from the blow of them trying to steal our homes, they are slowly chipping away at our psyche.  They realize that if they squash our self confidence that they erode our thought process and cause emotions to run rampant.


In order to stay grounded, it is important that we take the personal out of it.  Nothing they can say or do will change what we know about ourselves.  The bank will yell deadbeat and we will spend way too much of our valuable time feeling embarrassed or ashamed, because obviously, according the masses whom have yet to come out of their coma, we did something wrong.  Snap out of it!  They can say anything, but we all know that those are just lies told by liars and we don’t have to own their interpretation of us or our lives.  They don’t know us and most likely have never met us.  We are a name on a piece of paper and they need to figure out how to release our name from another piece of paper; namely our deeds.


For those of you whom have followed my journey over the past couple years, it should be obvious to you that I took it very personal for many years.  How could I not, I reasoned.  Our lives had been turned upside down, inside out and been devastated, after already surviving tragic losses in our lives.  Our attorney, at the time, was telling us that we were the only case in the country where the homeowners found their signatures forged by a bank.  Trust me when I say that I took it very personal and that was exactly what these soulless creatures wanted; because your anger means nothing to them; you are just a name and number.  They don’t care that it affects people’s lives, because, like I said, it isn’t personal.


Once I was able to see through the haze of all the pain that had followed us for so many years, I realized that by taking it personally, I was creating my own pain.  The bank said we were deadbeats.  Why should that upset us?  Are we?  I know that we are not deadbeats.  So why does the bank putting it in writing and submitting it to the courts makes us own any of that.  Because they write it doesn’t make it so.  When our self-respect is threatened, we become defensive and angry, instead of seeing it for what it actually is; smoke and mirrors.


Strength comes from within.  However, if we allow ourselves to be mentally beat up throughout this journey, then our thoughts will always be driven by our emotions and in turn, we will remain totally miserable; stuck in the mirror of somebody else’s made up image of who we are.  This realization and acceptance of who we truly are will allow us to move forward, not affected by the “non-truths” of who we are personally and therefore providing us clarity of thought; a very necessary weapon against creative criminals and their band of merry attorneys.


Here are our truths, as victims of institutional frauds and forgeries that would strip of us our rights and properties.  It doesn’t matter that the bank tries to make you out to be a deadbeat; they broke the law.  It doesn’t matter that they make up stories and twist our words to fit whatever story they are trying to portrait; they broke the law.  It doesn’t matter; they straight up broke the law.  Don’t be angry, be straightforward.  You stand on the truth.


No matter what happens in your particular circumstance, you are not your house or property.  Your essence is not made from the material things that surround you.  Your essence is built on how you view the world and what is important to you.  Once you wrap your mind around the fact that your thoughts are yours to control; that the banks are not attacking your personally (they actually committed white collar crimes against our nation as a whole in an attempt to allow international entities to buy up our properties); and last, but definitely not least, that material things can be replaced.  Peace of mind comes within and is not easy to achieve.  It takes daily, sometimes hourly conscious thought to get through it.  It takes a determination to not allow outside entities to dictate how we view our lives and ourselves.


I get stronger every day and am proud that we stood our ground.  I would never want to go through this again, and I feel for each and every one of us whom have been put through these criminal violations of our lives.  This is why I sometimes stray from being on point.  My goal is to educate you on how to keep your sanity and come out a whole person at the other end.






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3 Responses to The Banks Lead You to Believe this is Personal: It’s Not

  1. James Tennier says:

    Four stays issued over four years in Nevadas’ “pre foreclosure mandated mediation program. Fair enough. At the (continued 3 weeks) second half of the last mediation in April 2013, wellsfargo actually supplied an “un asked for and unnecessary to the proceedings’ new appraisal of our Reno home. $225,000.00 higher than one done 3 months prior. Talk about a hot market? Ahh, no not really… Petition for Judicial Review granted and set for trial in Oct. Stay tuned. Lawyers fees last 4 months = $11,00000 and counting.

  2. James Tennier says:

    This story was brought back to my attention in that I’d posted the original to fb 3 years ago.
    The plot has thickened and we are slowly prevailing for several reasons.
    !) Banks deal in 1s & 0s. not real money, though commissions and bonuses are real money???
    2) Wellsfargos counselors have made a boatload of (real money) representing their client.
    3) We are still winning.
    We’ve been in our home fighting the “successor of interest, for over seven years. If they really are. They’ve yet to offer forensic evaluation of the purported documents…
    4) The 4 NV Foreclosure Mediation Program meetings found no cert. to be issued the first 4 times.
    District Court awarded small (as possible) sanctions and less than a third of my legal fees (just for the first appeal.
    Fifth mediation by a “know nothing, I could care less mediator”, found they satisfied the program requirements.
    Upon appeal to the District Court (different judge) pretty much made the banks case for them.
    Upon appeal to the Nevada Appellate Court his decision was (pretty much all) reversed and remanded back for another go around.
    This time the judge paid attention, denied the issuance of a certificate to foreclose by the program; <<<<
    Awarded sanctions and did not mandate another mediation… Also, ordered bank to reimburse reasonable legal fees.
    The check for sanctions should be in the mail this week??? Legal costs, reimbursement? They did not appeal that in a timely fashion but what do I know besides tenacity is a good quality to fall back on in situations such as this.
    Most bizarre thing to come from all this? At 7 years, the mortgage disappeared from my credit report. DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY, as in no record of a mortgage at all currently on our most recent report…

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