When All Else Fails: Go With Your Strengths…

SneedWhen I first named this blog I didn’t realize how prophetic the title would end up being; because now again, I have to live with a decision I made. Without going into excruciating detail, I will state that we were taken out by a bad strategy, in a premature case evaluation, on a case that had documented fraud. I didn’t realize that when a crime was committed that you could have three blokes with two minutes of time with your case come in and make such an opinion and then threaten sanctions against the aggrieved party should they not go along with a forced game of Russian roulette. However, this is fine. I will accept what I have to accept; but then again, I am not going to accept that which I don’t have to. This was one battle and there are still a few more to come. I still have all the evidence and I have freedom of speech.

This decade long insanity has cost our home dearly; to the point that I will be very surprised if a builder doesn’t say “tear it down”. It has decimated our credit and wreaked havoc on our beliefs in morals and public ethic. It has shown me that the legal system makes a mockery of our so-called “justice” and many a big rat, with fine made double-breasted suits and an illegal agenda on their minds, run through the halls of so-called integrity.

Obviously God does not think that my journey is over and that there is still work to be done; and I accept that. I have the tools and the evidence to get justice served; even if it is in the court of public opinion.

Due to the condition of our home; and the condition of our credit after ten years in this debacle, I have set up a GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/suttershome. I could not put a dollar amount on what we need and anything would be greatly appreciated; however, that is not what the main goal of this page; because trust me, somehow, someway God will provide. The main objective is to make that page, in sisterhood with this blog, as another venue to get the message out. I am going to take you on my journey, for those of you that want to follow a ten year veteran of mortgage fraud. I am going to take you through the documents to help you identify the fraud within your own documents and what to look out for. I am going to persuade you to march, immediately, down to your local land records office and examine exactly what is on file and to know the signs of fraud.
Trust me, after hundreds of hours of examining my documents I can tell you that it is no easy feat to spot or nail down these frauds. If I can save you some time and get down to the meat of the matter, than that is my goal.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart. If you value your property and you value the words “public trust”, I urge you; no, I implore you to follow me on this journey and support me through your words and use of my suggestions. I will not steer you wrong, because I have been there, done that…and I have the T-shirt to prove it; along with many, many manipulated and forged documents that somehow got all washed away through a shill game. No problems; only challenges and solutions. It’s time to take on some new solutions.

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An Apology to Our Neighbors, Our Neighborhood and Our City

This is a letter I felt compelled to write to the letter of the editor of our local newspaper.


This is an apology to our neighbors, our neighborhood and our city.  We apologize for how our home has deteriorated and how, it may seem that we have been neglectful of our home.  We have lived in our home and in this beautiful city, for almost nineteen years; and for many years we were very involved in trying to better our community and in some ways are still involved today, although, as you will see, we have been busy in other avenues of bettering, hopefully, our country when this is all said and done.

In 2004, after a very destructive year in our lives (the death of our son-in-law and grandson, the loss of a job and a son serving his country in Iraq); we were forced to refinance our home and unfortunately for us, had dealt with a loan company that, within six months after our “closing”, would receive a Cease and Desist letter from the State of Michigan for illegal practices.  We would learn this fact after the bank tried to illegally foreclose on our home in 2006.  We discovered that the involved lender had blatantly forged my husband and my signatures to the mortgage document, notarized that document and recorded it as legal tender at the Lapeer County Register of Deeds.

We spent the next six years, fighting the bank, over a crime that, had we committed, would have sent us straight to jail, paying restitution and suffering the consequences that go along with that type of decision.  We not only had to fight the bank; we had to fight the very court (bankruptcy) that we reported this crime to.  The trustee hired an attorney that jumped on the bandwagon to win an avoidance of the forged mortgage, only for that same attorney to turn around, after we won (in July 2007), and attempt to sell the avoided mortgage back to the defendants for $30,000, without notifying us or our attorney; an action which would have allowed the guilty defendants to retain their interest in our property and continue with their illegal foreclosure.  We were forced to pay the trustee’s attorney over $12,000 for his “services”.

This erroneous decision by the bankruptcy court, before determining whether the bank had a legal right to an equitable mortgage, caused us to appeal the resale of our voided mortgage to the US District Court.  This courts determination was that the bankruptcy court had not determined whether the bank had a legal right to have an equitable mortgage, based on the forgery, and sent it back to the lower court for a determination.  The bankruptcy court, upon the receipt of this remand, immediately determined that the defendants were eligible for the equitable mortgage and, again, we were forced to appeal to the US District Court.  The final determination deemed that the bank did not have the legal right to have an equitable mortgage.  This action caused the bank to file an appeal to the US 6th Circuit Court, where, finally, in January of 2012 the higher court denied the equitable mortgage.

Most would consider this a big win, however, if this was a big win, I wouldn’t be sitting here, almost seven years later, feeling compelled to write this letter of regret.  The entire time that we were embroiled in this fight, we were continually told that we were not to make any repairs to the home (after all it might go back to the bank).  The bank (six years after the avoidance of the mortgage and a year-and-a-half after the circuit court’s decision) still have their names on our deed and have placed forced insurance upon our home that has been billed to us on our ever growing “escrow” that we weren’t entitled to when we actually had a mortgage…and the coup de grâce, the bank is reporting that we are over 80-months delinquent on our non-existent “mortgage”.

We have had to hire another law firm to straighten out this mess and after speaking with our lawyer, this will be another long, drawn out affair.  We have attempted to file a claim against the insurance, however, it is likely the bank will rescind the insurance based on a “mutual mistake of fact” (the original servicer, midway through the appeals process sold the non-existent mortgage to another servicer)…so, in other words, oops, sorry we didn’t tell you that the mortgage we sold you had no validity, no hard feelings.

We have contacted every agency that we can think of to try and get help with our situation, only to be told that because our credit is shot we, most likely, would not be able to get any help if there was any help available in the first place.

There is no quick fix for us.  We decided to stand up against a crime that was committed against us and this is the consequences of an average American going toe to toe with the banks.  They will chew you up and spit you out without any regard for the laws that govern us, the “average” Americans.  So, therefore, I feel compelled to apologize to my neighbors and community and let you know that this is not what we want and every day we make strides to overcome what the last ten years has done to our lives.  I will not apologize for fighting a crime or standing on principle, but I know that my decisions now have consequences for my neighbors and neighborhood.  I hope that this will at least give our neighbors answers to the why “it is what it is”.

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Lesson 5: Win or Lose; Use What You Have to Educate

STOP MORTGAGE FRAUD BY THE BANKSI sit here daily, listening to my heart and try to discern what I need to take and give from this whole experience.  The one thing that stands out to me most is the fact that these stories of fraud, even though plastered throughout our court systems; are not really educating those that need the education the most.  That education needs to be brought to those that are actually on the front-line of being able to stop these types of frauds from occurring; the people that are in charge of our land records offices across this country.

With that being said, I need your assistance in helping me to build a seminar program to take out to all of the land records offices across this country to educate them on how to discover the frauds before they become legal recorded documents.

I have all of my own documents to show, however, I would like to have a broader example of the frauds that are out there. Please send me your defined examples of frauds from your case, with a summarized (if possible) statement of your story. Define the damages that these frauds have placed on your life and the life of your family. Please make sure that your pictures point out the fraud, because as we all know, just looking at the document will not cause the fraud to jump out at you, especially if you haven’t been involved in these types of crimes and don’t know what you are looking for.

As this progresses, I will want to contact some of you that may be interested, to extend this program into your states (because obviously, I can’t do this alone).  I will build the presentation and develop the program; and then we will start to work on the promotion of these classes/seminars to the various land records offices throughout our country.  I will be looking for people to train to give these presentations as well.  However, the first step is getting the evidence put together as well as the laws that pertain to these crimes throughout the various states.

We need to make our land records offices aware of how to spot these frauds. I have the skill to put this together and with your help, we can take these negatives and use them as a positive in an effort to educate those that can stop these documents at the ground floor; before they get into our land records.

When you send your documents, if you don’t want your personal information “out there”, please block out the personal information before sending me your copies; for these document will be shown to government and land record officials.

Let us use what we have went through over the past decade and examine a different angle to ensure these types of frauds are stopped in their tracks, because truly, we want this type of abuse to end and the only way to end it is to educate those that can stop it.

Blessings to all whom have been affected by these crimes.  Please send your documents and stories to mortgageforgery@gmail.com.  I look forward to building this program and team.

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Lesson 4: My Life Lesson’s in the World of Mortgage Fraud

STOP MORTGAGE FRAUD BY THE BANKSI spent the past thirty years of my life, standing on the right side of the law, only to watch the law for the past ten years, support the criminal activities of the country’s banks by ignoring the very laws that governs these types of cases.  I have spent the better part of a decade fighting an outrageous case of bank fraud, being committed by entities of “public trust”, whose crimes, if committed by myself, would have found me incarcerated and broke for the rest of my life.  Instead it would be my husband and I that would be enslaved both mentally and financially, as these white-collared criminals worked their illegal magic on our documents in an attempt to convince the courts of their ownership in our property.

I was not always a good girl, however, after I had children I started to realize that I was a reflection on them; what they saw or heard me do would determine what type of human beings they were ultimately going to be.  Being a person that has always held strong in my belief in God, I had to depend on him to drag me out of the pit that a “not so pretty” childhood would put me in; and I have had to depend on him in so many situations in my life.  He would guide me through drug abuse; the sexual abuse of my child (which made me ultimately have to deal with my own demons from my past); and betrayals.  I have worked hard on myself to become a good parent (failing at times); a good wife and an overall good and decent human being.  All of these experiences would lead me to the place that I am today; a sound-minded, logical thinking woman who believes that we all should live honorably and with gratitude, showing kindness to the world and being ethical in all dealings.  We are all made up of what we were; and I made the decision that all the bad that had occurred in my life would not define my life.  Over the past ten years, my faith has been strengthened and the facts that I believed to be true about our society and the entities that control it have been severely challenged.

I would take a messed up youth and turn it around; becoming a contributing member of my community, as well as a wife to a wonderful man and respectable and descent mother to my children; with a plan for life.  In the blink of an eye our lives would be changed; one year would send all of these plans into a tailspin that I am still, to this day, trying to recover from.  That would not have been the case had I not had to deal with a bank deciding that it was alright to commit worse frauds than their predecessors, in a long drawn out judicial horror show.

I have learned that the word “public trust”, like the word “love” gets thrown out there a lot; however, many times that is all that it is, words.  I never envisioned “public trust” meaning stealing people’s property through fraud, forgery and document manipulations; just as I never envisioned “love” meaning beating up someone you claim to care for.

I have learned that in order to keep your sanity while this is happening in your life requires God.  Finding peace when you are fighting someone who, through unlimited funding can wreak such havoc on your lives is hard enough.  It gets even harder when you realize that they are doing it criminally; all while convincing the world that you are the ones trying to cheat this poor entity of “unearned trust.”

I have learned that you can’t just tell the world about it in words, because for some unfathomable reason, it doesn’t get the message across; so you find yourself creating pretty little pictures in order to put the fraud in some meaningful and discernible order.  It would take me eighty-five hours to figure out the fraud that happened in our case; hours staring at documents where I knew something was amiss, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Then, after a very meaningful prayer to God; would have it all revealed to me within a matter of hours.

I have learned to be patient, because this past ten years has been nothing but a waiting game”

  • Waiting to see if we were going to lose the roof over our head;
  • Waiting on motion, after motion, after motion….after motion, after motion, that seven attorneys’ hurled at our attorney to keep him blinded to what they were doing;
  • Waiting to see if we were going to be able to find legal representation for the second half of this journey, the note;
  • Waiting to see if the roof was going to collapse on us while fighting for insurance proceeds that this bank (whom never had any standing) held the funds up for a year until ordered to turn it over; still not turning it over and ultimately having to get the insurance company to issue a new one;
  • Waiting for attorney’s to understand the crimes that you have uncovered; only to realize that all that you said and all that you did, fell on deaf ears.

For me, it has taught me a valuable lesson.  Get used to it.  You can’t go faster than the guy ahead of you; you can’t make a day go any faster than it’s going to go; and you can’t spot this kind of fraud in a day.  If anyone thinks that staring at the same set of documents for seven days straight is a picnic, I’m here to tell you it isn’t; however, that patience and determination are what made the frauds come to light, so I now know the value of “patience is a virtue.”

I have learned that if you want something done right you need to do it yourself.  Don’t expect anyone to value your life or your beliefs more than you.  Most don’t care and those that actually do care don’t know what to do.  Stand firm in your faith that God will do as he has promised, even though it may not seem like it at times; and follow your conscience.  A truly good person will know the right thing to do when the time is right because, that drive you feel is God’s whisper; listen to it.

I have learned that anger gets you nowhere because people will tune you out.  Rage will leave you weak and defeated; a worthless emotion as well.  The courts, especially, are not into all the rage and anger and some lawyers, almost seem to be lacking a soul.  I have learned to keep my emotions in check; realizing that anger and rage cloud your mind; making you a stuttering and babbling fool when you are trying to get the point across.  It’s not how hard you pound your fists on the table; it’s how quietly you think.  You can’t think if your mind is screaming.

I have learned that it is smarter to investigate than to assume; however, that is not the impression that I am left with when it comes to what our legal system believes.  Because if our courts didn’t assume that banks were honorable in their dealings, there wouldn’t be homeowners across this country losing their homes to un-endorsed, forged, altered and manipulated notes, assignments and mortgages.  The courts assumption, when a bank throws a stack of documents their way, is that these banks are entities of “public trust” being represented by honorable “officers of the court”; not once considering that they, the banks’ legal representatives, may not be presenting exactly what is conveyed to be, or perceived to be, by a non-investigative court system.  In my world, the banks have lost the privilege to be considered entities of “public” or any other kind of trust.

I have learned that, in many places, politics is an asinine game that pits one idiot against another; but actually achieves very little.  Because truly, if it did, we wouldn’t be sitting here eight years after the collapse of the mortgage industry to find that these banks and their lawyers are still doing all of the same underhanded things they did before, but now with the courts blessings on documents that aren’t worth as much as the sand on your feet.

I am now taking to task those that have chosen us to be their victims for the past ten years.  I have presented the right questions and the right evidence to the right people who should be able to get the job done; because going the “normal” route has been a lesson in futility.  Fraud is fraud and it will never be acceptable to me and it should never be acceptable in any courtroom in this country.  I, unlike many of the mortgage fraud victims out there, still have the fight left in me.  This is a beat down game by the banks and their nicely paid lawyers for too long and I have broad shoulders; game on.

I have learned that I don’t have to be angry, because anger clouds your vision.  I have learned to look around me and know what I should be grateful for in my life.  When my eyes open in the mornings, the first words out of my mouth are “Thank you Lord”, for allowing me to breathe another breath and to have the strength to ensure that justice will be served to those that thought they were ever so smart when they came up with this little scheme and ensure that they will legally pay for the crimes that they have committed.

I will not spend days doing this, as for the past ten years I have been diligent in my organizational skills.  I would only discovered the banks and their legal representatives’ crimes over the past year; however, while I was discovering it, I was also organizing it.  I diligently put all of the evidence in one nice neat little package and have sent it on its’ merry way, to ignite some fires.  I will now spend my days concentrating on things that matter, because, I did what I had to do in my typical “over the top” fashion and now it’s time for our higher ups to figure it out and put a stop to it, with me nipping at their ankles every day or two until someone figures it out.

I have learned that you don’t give up the fight because it gets tough; and you especially don’t give up the fight when you know that others will be victimized too, and you may have the power to stop it.  When crimes like what has occurred to us are allowed without question because the game is too tough, or in the words of one attorney,”…it doesn’t fit into the budget”, then we deserve what we get.  When the right thing is to stand up for what is right, that is what you have to do.  It’s easy to give up; however I don’t feel that this is an option in my case.  We have grandchildren and enjoy the idea of those grandchildren being able to purchase a home for their families’ one day, without fear of going through what we have been subjected to.  Then again, if we don’t see this fight through there may not be any homes available to buy by the time they are old enough to make that decision.

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Lesson 3: Lawyers for Bank Had a Choice; They Chose Fraud

STOP MORTGAGE FRAUD2The lawyers for the bank in our case had a choice when they discovered, in 2006, that they held a forged mortgage and did not have the paperwork to back up their claims.  There were legal recourses for these attorneys’ to take that would have been, at least an attempt at doing things the right way; yet, instead, they made a conscious decision to follow in the predecessors footsteps and commit further frauds against already victimized homeowners.

Many will look at you as you tell them your story and will state, “How exactly did someone signing your name cause you harm?”; “It seems harmless enough.  How are you damaged by such a “frivolous” thing?”  For many years these questions would send my mind into a tailspin, because, in my mind I’m thinking, “Are you serious?”

This type of mindset is horrible when you think of the implications that are associated with this way of thinking.  Pray tell, what is the purpose of a notary? The reason that we have notaries is to attest to both the authenticity of legal documents, as well as identification of the parties signing them. Documents that, when executed under the seal of a notary, are always presumed by the law to be valid, and to have been signed by the people identified within these documents.  When these authenticated documents that have been fraudulently executed are submitted as fraud upon the courts to steal land and property from innocent homeowners; that becomes a problem and is extremely damaging.

When that fraudulence leads to further fraud; it becomes even more harmful.  These attorneys’ knew when they received notification of the forged mortgage that they were going to be in trouble in the future.  They had very little documentation from the original bank; and low and behold, our former attorney, following the protocol of the law, diligently sent them their discovery requests; handing them everything they needed to perpetrate further fraud upon the homeowners.  We, the homeowners, whom had already been victimize once by having their names forged and notarized to a document that gave these attorneys’ clients security in our home.

These attorneys’ would send us on a ten year ride through purgatory and through all levels of the federal court system and the state circuit court over a property that when this started was valued at about $90,000.  The value of this property now is below $20,000.  There would be seven attorneys ganging up on one bankruptcy attorney who was trying to right a wrong; throwing motion upon motion at him in order to frustrate and distract him.  I would work in literal servitude to our former attorney for five years to try and defer the costs of this case.  Does my time mean nothing?  I was a certified tax assessor making approximately $50 an hour; this attorney was making $250 an hour to manage our case. So, therefore, I was never actually gaining ground on the $59,000+ bill.

For years I would go through losing friends because they thought we were fighting for a “free house”, when at the time, all we were saying was that you couldn’t hold our home over our head.  In fact, us accepting that we had signed the note (although we had not gotten the privilege to examine their “note”) would haunt us through the entirety of this; with the banks attorneys’ pounding us on our intent, despite the fact that a crime had been committed against us.

These types of crimes are not only damaging to the victimized homeowners.  They are damaging to their neighbors, their community and to the foundation of our country.  This country is ruled by our land records.  They are a very important part of our history and our land records are intended to give notice that there may be multiple interests in the land located within a jurisdiction; be it fee titles, life estates, mortgages, and so on.  It also shows who owns all interests in the land in any given jurisdiction.

Now, that I have a good, solid decade of experience on fighting these unethical and criminal “officers of the court”; I have learned that it’s all a bait and switch; fraudulent to its core and possible unsalvageable.  When you can have the type of evidence that we have and end up with the outcome that we are now experiencing, you have to determine that the system is truly broke.  When lawyers can get away with documented fraud, to the courts and the courts condone it; we, as a country have lost our way.

For a decade we have been made to look like the biggest deadbeats on the planet by these lawyers; however, what they negated to tell you is that we paid $75,000+ into a Chapter 13 plan that, when I lost my job, had to be converted to a Chapter 7.  By the time of the discharge in 2004 we owed more on our home than when we originally went into the Chapter 13 in 1997.  They also negate to tell you that the $12,000 we paid into the bankruptcy court that was to supposed to be paid on this forged mortgage was given to the bankruptcy trustee’s attorney for the services of jumping on the bandwagon in our mortgage forgery case and then, after we won, doing a backdoor deal with these very attorney’s to buy back the now avoided mortgage for the sum of $30,000 to “benefit the estate.” The only thing that was part of the estate was the mortgage and some back taxes; because for those of you that have been following this blog already know, we had only came out of bankruptcy in January of 2004.  How many bills could we possibly wrack up in that time?  Seeing we had paid, now, over $87,000 for basically nothing; I would like to know how we were ever deadbeats.  I would like to know how many people could survive an $87,000+ hit to their pocketbook; gaining absolutely nothing for those expenditures only to have to continue on for over a decade to fight a wrong that was done to us?  We paid into a plan for six years to come out owning more than we owed when we went in; when we were forced to convert to a Chapter 7, losing a paid off car (per the trustee’s report) as well as losing all equity that should have been gained throughout those six years of payments on the previous mortgage.

Instead we end up coming out of a devastating year filled with job loss, war and death, not only of an adult in our family, but a child too, compiled with losing $75,000+ to a bankruptcy plan that would have been paid off in eight months; to get caught up with a highly disreputable company that forged a mortgage document instead of contacting us to come in and do it has been nothing short of a diabolical, gut-wrenching, nightmare.  We then were forced to fight like criminals for seven years, through three different levels of the federal court system, to prove to the banks’ attorneys’ (and bankruptcy judge) that they could not be granted an equitable mortgage based on fraud.

During this game of “keep your eye on the shiny object”; these seven attorneys’ would blind our attorney by throwing motion, after motion at him; the whole time blinding him to the fact that they were getting away with not producing discovery requests; and eventually getting the court to say that they didn’t need to produce any more requests.  After clearing up that little issue, our documents would begin to show up as these attorneys’ exhibits throughout the rest of the mortgage forgery case.

It would be in April of 2014, after obtaining all of our documents from our former attorney, that we would discover the lengths that these attorneys’ would go through to fraudulently forge, alter and manipulate documents.  We would learn that they would have no issues with changing the color of the ink to “blue”, assuming that we had signed our documents in that color; to further entice the court to go their way.

I don’t mind losing a fair fight.  I wouldn’t have even fought as long and as hard as I have, if it weren’t for one thing.  We have clean hands.  We did not lie to the courts.  We have committed absolutely no crime. We, back in 2007, didn’t even dispute the note; however, we were never privy to seeing this “note” until 2014 after my retrieval of our case documents.

I feel that I am a very ethical person.  I believe that when you are an attorney, judge or government official, you are held to a higher standard.  You are mandated, supposedly by law, to be honest in all dealings.  Altering documents after notarization is not legal; forging peoples’ names to documents is not legal; forging endorsements are not legal; and fraud on the court is definitely not legal.  Yet in our case, they are getting away with it; or at least they think they are.

We, as citizens of this country, should never allow this type of activities to continue in our courts.  I thought, way back in 2004, that we were going to move forward with our lives after a tragic year of events.  Due to the frauds of these attorneys’ our live has been in a holding pattern that still continues today.  I had to give up a career because I mentally could not handle both the tax assessing profession and this fight for my home at the same time.  Between the “good old boy” politics and the hell that these attorneys’ put us through, I was nearing collapse and something had to give and my career took the axe.

Now fast forward to eight years later.  Our home is crumbling around us; our credit is shot and we may or may not lose our home to a “judicial foreclosure” within the next couple of months.  This should not happen to good citizens by entities of “public trust”, or those that represent them.  Through this ordeal I have a difficult time trusting anything I ever trusted before all of this happened.  My view of our legal system is tarnished beyond repair and my moral and ethical fiber has been shaken to the core.

Long gone are the handshake deals of old, where you could trust your fellow man to be honest and forthright.  Gone are the days of getting legal justice, if we sit and do nothing when we have the tools to fight.  Gone are the records that gave our land its rich history, because now, after discovering years of fraud throughout the land records system, can we ever again trust that the documents we see are actually true and legal documents.  With the onset of technology, even lawyers will partake in the field of crime when it suits their needs.

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Lesson 2: Spotting Assignment Fraud

Mortgage assignments are documents that many of us never think twice about, because, as I will demonstrate, these are not documents that we sign and they are rarely in our possession unless we travel down to the local land records office and get a recorded copy.  I stared at these assignments for what seemed ages, before it finally occurred to me what I was seeing.  I knew that something wasn’t right, however, I was having a very difficult time putting my finger on it.  Then, like a light bulb, it all became clear as to what exactly had occurred with the various assignments that would be involved with our case, yet never brought to light because we were too busy fighting the shiny object; a forged mortgage.

Our documents contained two (2) Corporate Assignments of Real Estate Mortgage documents.  The first one was a non-MERS assignment:

Corporate Assignment of Real Estate (Non-Mers) Page 1

Corporate Assignment of Real Estate (Non-Mers) Page 1 from our documents

Corporate Assignment of Real Estate (Non-Mers) Page 2

Corporate Assignment of Real Estate (Non-Mers) Page 2

The first thing that I would notice about this document was that there was already a post-dated notary date on this document.

The second assignment documents in our packet was a MERS Corporate Assignment:

MERS Corporate Assignment of Real Estate from our packet (Page 2)

MERS Corporate Assignment of Real Estate from our packet (Page 2)

MERS Corporate Assignment of Real Estate from our packet (Page 2)

MERS Corporate Assignment of Real Estate from our packet (Page 2)

By the time that these two documents had made their rounds, the final resulting document would be a combination of page 1 of the MERS Assignment and page 2 of the non-MERS assignment; as well as two versions of the same document.  Allow me to demonstrate:

This is the Corporate Assignment that was sent to our former attorney on September 20, 2006:

Assignment sent to our former attorney on 09-20-2006 (Page 1)

Assignment sent to our former attorney on 09-20-2006 (Page 1)

On this page I want you to note the “CORP” stamp located on the lower right hand side of this document.  Now let’s look at their discovery submission of page 2:

Assignment sent to our former attorney on 09-20-2006 (Page 2)

Assignment sent to our former attorney on 09-20-2006 (Page 2)

On this document I want you to notice that notarization date; didn’t we see that before?  Oh, that’s right, it was there at the closing which happened on April 8, 2004.  Also, make note of the “When Recorded Mail To:” information as well; because now I am going to show you what is behind door number three!

This version of the Corporate Assignment was recorded one year and one month after the forged mortgage in our case was recorded, and it is after US Bank allegedly owned the “note”.  One must wonder why this document would not have been recorded when the original mortgage was recorded; after all it all pertained to the same “transfer” and had nothing to do with US Bank.

Ah, and another thing you will discover with this last version of the “Corporate Assignment of Real Estates”; part MERS, part not, has some additions since the last time we saw this notarized copy.  You will discover that this notary was so smart that she even knew the date, liber and page of a recording in the future; over a month in the future…wish I had that skill!

This is the recorded copy of the original assignment to New Century Mortgage (not US Bank) Page 1

This is the recorded copy of the original assignment to New Century Mortgage (not US Bank) Page 1

This is the recorded copy of the original assignment to New Century Mortgage (not US Bank) Page 2

This is the recorded copy of the original assignment to New Century Mortgage (not US Bank) Page 2

From the document that was submitted to our former attorney for discovery, to this recorded document, there are many manipulations to behold.  Let us make a list, shall we?

  1. A loan number has mysteriously appeared in the upper right hand corner
  2. A date, liber and page number have been added to this already notarized document that references a date in the future
  3. Remember the “CORP” stamp on the discovery version…Where did it go?
  4. On the second page we now see that the document is to go to California as opposed to Southfield, Michigan.

Last time I checked, it was illegal to alter a document after notarization; however, in this case we can’t trust that notary date either.

What you need to realize is that this is only the first assignment from the original lender to the second lender, New Century Mortgage.  Now let’s tackle that sweet little assignment from New Century Mortgage to US Bank.

This is the recorded assignment where New Century Mortgage allegedly transferred the mortgage to US Bank

This is the recorded assignment where New Century Mortgage allegedly transferred the mortgage to US Bank

Now this document is very special.  First of all, ETitle Agency is owned by the very law firm that started the illegal foreclosure proceedings against us.  At the time that this assignment allegedly happened Orlan’s Associates were not a part of any of this, yet here is their title agency, not only involved in the assignment of the mortgage from New Century Mortgage to US Bank, but involved with document manipulation as well.

First of all, if you are going to get into the business of technical fraud you should at least be good at it as the following image will demonstrate:

AOM-Saxon USB4

It clearly shows that there was other information under this copy and paste.  Another interesting fact about this is the recorded date of November 3, 2005.  If this was transferred to you in May of 2004, why would you wait until after you started foreclosure proceedings to record it?

The next image also demonstrates again, the amazing precognitive skills of these notaries.  Yet another notary with amazing skills to be able to know information that will happen in the future…I surely want this skill!

AOM-Saxon USB3My last is a general observation of the document as well.  If a document has a place where it is supposed to be notarized; why are our land records so full of inaccurate and improperly certified documents that involve the land of it’s citizens?

Well, that concludes today’s lesson on spotting fraud in assignments.  I’m not sure what my next lesson will be, however, I am sure that it will be just as thrilling and informative as this one.

Again, share, share, share; because if you think that any of this is acceptable, you are reading the wrong blog.

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Lesson 1: The Note (Forged Endorsements and Color Manipulations WILL Steal Your Home)

Today I am going to give you a lesson in how a bank will manipulate your note.  Attached to this blog today is the trail of the “Note”.

Before I begin I want to reiterate that, at our closing in April of 2004, before we arrived, the notary made a copy of our unsigned mortgage documents, creating two (2) packets.  One packet was signed and handed to the notary, the other packet was signed and laid to the left of us until we completed the process.  At the end of the closing, the notary took her stack and I presume, sent it back to the lender; and we took the packet to the left home with us, where it stayed until January 10, 2006 when I copied our documents into our former attorney’s file.

This is proof of the date and time that I scanned these documents into our former attorney's file.  The highlighted document is the mortgage documents that we left the closing with.

This is proof of the date and time that I scanned these documents into our former attorney’s file. The highlighted document is the mortgage documents that we left the closing with.

The reality of the situation is that no one person will ever sign their signature exactly the same way twice, EVER; let alone two people at the same time, on the same document.  It’s never going to happen.

This proves that this bank, in October of 2005, when they initiated their wrongful foreclosure against us, did not own our property and never did.  First of all, the trust that this “note” was supposed to be in, closed in July 2004.  This bank offered a “Bailee Letter” that stated that this very “Note” was placed into the trust in July of 2004.  Exactly how did they do that when this particular , wet-ink note is, has, and has always been, in my possession (refer to (1))?  How is this an original when I hold this particular original “wet-ink” of this exact same document?

The bank’s first version of the note (refer to (2)) that was submitted to our attorney on September 20, 2006 (8 months and 10 days after I scanned this particular document) with a “note” stamp on the first page and the “endorsement” of Kesia Sneed on the signature page.

This would be the version that the bank would use throughout our bankruptcy adversary proceeding; two tours of the US District Court and our final deployment to the US 6th Circuit Court in an attempt to get these courts to give them an equitable mortgage based on fraud (refer to (3)).

Move forward to 2013 (refer to (4)).  The fourth note that would be used to start the 2013 lawsuit against us would be an exact copy of our original “wet-ink” duplicate; no endorsements or “note stamp”.  This would be accepted by the court as cause for the case to move forward.

The fifth and final note to surface (refer to (5)) would be shown to be the original to our current attorney in April 2014; with no “note stamp” on the first page, the forged endorsement of Ms. Sneed and an undated stamped endorsement that showed a transfer from New Century to US Bank; not to mention our signatures appeared in “blue ink”.  How is that when I have a complete packet that proves that we signed each and every document in “black ink” and exactly where was this document for the past ten years?

Let’s examine Ms. Sneed’s signature.  The top evidence is the forged endorsement on the bank’s version of a note that we hold.  The bottom evidence is the actual signature of the woman whose name was forged.  This document is an official state document that verified the forgery.  We hold a signed affidavit from this woman testifying to the fact that this is not her signature.  In the real world, or at least I was raised to believe, this should be a serious problem.  In our world it means nothing, because a poor strategy in a shill game let all this evidence mean nothing.  It is allowing for the undoing of a decade of work and for the fraud to go away.

Outright Forgery of First Endorsement from Worldwide Financial to New Century Mortgage

Outright Forgery of First Endorsement from Worldwide Financial to New Century Mortgage

However, it is not my mission to dwell on the outrageous; it is my mission to spread the word and wake people up, including our judicial system.  It is my mission to take all these lessons and give a lesson to the world; while enlightening them to be wary of anything that entices them through the words and proclamations of “entities of public trust” and stand on the false claims of “integrity”.

This lesson is only on the Note.  Over the next days, weeks, months; I’m going to take you on a fascinating journey as I guide you through a mortgage fraud case where the bank turned a package full of the homeowners documents into their own.  By the time I am done you will understand what lengths were gone to in order to steal our home.

I hope you will join me and share, share, share; so that all can be enlightened as to how the banks and their legal representatives go about winning their cases, crushing your lives and stealing your property.

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Don’t Let the Shiny Object Distract You: Create a Shiny Object of Your Own

shinyIt has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with all of you that are fighting the good fight against the crimes that have been committed against you.  Our own court battle with Ocwen has heated up and we are in the midst of our final battle and it should be epic; however, that is not the purpose of the post today.  That story will have to wait for a little bit longer.

What I have noticed throughout the years of our battles with these banks and their legal representation (especially their legal representation) is that they distract the homeowner with their lawsuits and strong worded legal briefs; causing emotional upheaval and unimaginable hell on the minds and lives of their victims.  These slick-talking, college graduates assume that no lay person will realize that their briefs are nothing more than the shiny object that distracts the bewildered homeowner; causing them to question their own thoughts and memories.  When you read their loose interpretation of previous case law you are immediately cast into the sea of doubt and disbelief.    Their words manipulate the true meaning of what the law actually meant when it was first litigated.

For example, in our case, they would use case law that was established where a husband or a wife’s name was forged to the note, the mortgage or both.  They took these written opinions and manipulated them to look as if they were the victims, and that we, by fighting such a frivolous thing such as forgery, were actually deadbeat homeowners looking for a “free house”.  My stomach would turn with stress and disbelief as I read their attacks upon us; because truly, by the time you get done reading their version, you almost believe you are the bad guy.  This is the shiny object.

Once you free yourself of their opinions and determine once and for all that you are not going to let these word-twisting brats of bureaucracy stray you from your course, you will fare better.  For any judge to not see the damage that has been inflicted on people whom, if had been dealt with honorably, would not have stood to fight against the bank.  Those people, had they not been victimized by the very system that they were raised to believe in, would have walked away and not committed a decade of their lives to this thug mentality beat down.  However, this is not what happened.  These entities of “public trust” became the new mob.  There is no need to have a gun to rob someone anymore; because technology has allowed those with starch white shirts and black ties to be the new thief, under the guise of a well-manicured salesman whom sell his warped stories throughout courtrooms across this country.

The shiny object is their words and manipulations of the law to suit their needs.  The deceptions lie within your documents.  Within those papers is the evidence that you need to fight the bank.  Many of us don’t look as closely as we should at the documents, especially if we have an attorney; and we assume that they will examine the file with ferocity.  That’s not going to happen.  Consider this; exactly who are you fighting for?  Do you honestly believe that anyone on this earth cares more about your situation than you?  They don’t.  Therefore, it is necessary that you are completely hands-on in your own case.  Sit down and take the time to examine each piece of paper until you can’t stand to look at them anymore; take a break and then do it again.  Don’t be distracted by the shiny objects.  All the documents will look legal at first with their stamps and squiggled-line signatures; dive deeper.

Create a journey of the events; a standard timeline that starts at the date of closing and takes the reader on a journey of your documents.  Don’t add any emotion or cite laws; that will be your attorney’s job.  Only have the facts, in order and concise.  This exercise will not only show a journey, it will clarify in your mind what has happened as well.  If you are pro-se you will definitely want to do this as part of your case.  They can argue a twist on words, they can’ argue the truth of a picture.

You have to look at this timeline as something that may go in front of a jury.  Juries are made up of a cross section of the community and there are going to be people that don’t understand all the legal goop that will be thrown at them.  If you take them on a journey with a timeline and presentations, you will capture their attention.  Each document and step of the timeline pointing out all discrepancies becomes the courts and the juries “dash cam” if you will, showing the progress of the crime.

Turn your case into the shiny object, by showing the facts in living color through the use of of these priceless tools.  A picture tells the story that words sometimes cannot express.

I had considered starting a side business to assist homeowners with this task; however, I had to ask myself a question.  Is this what I really want to do?  My answer came quick and it was no.  Not because I don’t want to help my fellow victims of mortgage fraud, but because I do; and the best way to do that is to tell you how to make your own timeline.  I don’t think my soul is equipped to learn everyone’s detail to the point that I have had to learn my own.  Jesus taught men to fish; he didn’t do the fishing for them.  So therefore, I have decided to teach as opposed to taking on such a monumental task in respect to the timelines and presentations.  I will always be available for any questions you may have and I will welcome each and every one.  I feel that I am more valuable to you if I teach you a skill that comes easily to me as opposed to reliving others nightmarish journey, of which I find myself caught up in every day.  When this journey is through, I am hoping that with it I go, onto another journey that is one of peaceful existence and no thoughts about these years that have plagued my soul.  That is my wish for each and every one of you.

Therefore, over the next couple of weeks I am going to put together a tutorial, if you will, to show you how to set up your case’s timeline and visual presentations.  Create a gleaming object from your documents that not even the bank can ignore or outshine.



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