Don’t Let the Shiny Object Distract You: Create a Shiny Object of Your Own

shinyIt has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with all of you that are fighting the good fight against the crimes that have been committed against you.  Our own court battle with Ocwen has heated up and we are in the midst of our final battle and it should be epic; however, that is not the purpose of the post today.  That story will have to wait for a little bit longer.

What I have noticed throughout the years of our battles with these banks and their legal representation (especially their legal representation) is that they distract the homeowner with their lawsuits and strong worded legal briefs; causing emotional upheaval and unimaginable hell on the minds and lives of their victims.  These slick-talking, college graduates assume that no lay person will realize that their briefs are nothing more than the shiny object that distracts the bewildered homeowner; causing them to question their own thoughts and memories.  When you read their loose interpretation of previous case law you are immediately cast into the sea of doubt and disbelief.    Their words manipulate the true meaning of what the law actually meant when it was first litigated.

For example, in our case, they would use case law that was established where a husband or a wife’s name was forged to the note, the mortgage or both.  They took these written opinions and manipulated them to look as if they were the victims, and that we, by fighting such a frivolous thing such as forgery, were actually deadbeat homeowners looking for a “free house”.  My stomach would turn with stress and disbelief as I read their attacks upon us; because truly, by the time you get done reading their version, you almost believe you are the bad guy.  This is the shiny object.

Once you free yourself of their opinions and determine once and for all that you are not going to let these word-twisting brats of bureaucracy stray you from your course, you will fare better.  For any judge to not see the damage that has been inflicted on people whom, if had been dealt with honorably, would not have stood to fight against the bank.  Those people, had they not been victimized by the very system that they were raised to believe in, would have walked away and not committed a decade of their lives to this thug mentality beat down.  However, this is not what happened.  These entities of “public trust” became the new mob.  There is no need to have a gun to rob someone anymore; because technology has allowed those with starch white shirts and black ties to be the new thief, under the guise of a well-manicured salesman whom sell his warped stories throughout courtrooms across this country.

The shiny object is their words and manipulations of the law to suit their needs.  The deceptions lie within your documents.  Within those papers is the evidence that you need to fight the bank.  Many of us don’t look as closely as we should at the documents, especially if we have an attorney; and we assume that they will examine the file with ferocity.  That’s not going to happen.  Consider this; exactly who are you fighting for?  Do you honestly believe that anyone on this earth cares more about your situation than you?  They don’t.  Therefore, it is necessary that you are completely hands-on in your own case.  Sit down and take the time to examine each piece of paper until you can’t stand to look at them anymore; take a break and then do it again.  Don’t be distracted by the shiny objects.  All the documents will look legal at first with their stamps and squiggled-line signatures; dive deeper.

Create a journey of the events; a standard timeline that starts at the date of closing and takes the reader on a journey of your documents.  Don’t add any emotion or cite laws; that will be your attorney’s job.  Only have the facts, in order and concise.  This exercise will not only show a journey, it will clarify in your mind what has happened as well.  If you are pro-se you will definitely want to do this as part of your case.  They can argue a twist on words, they can’ argue the truth of a picture.

You have to look at this timeline as something that may go in front of a jury.  Juries are made up of a cross section of the community and there are going to be people that don’t understand all the legal goop that will be thrown at them.  If you take them on a journey with a timeline and presentations, you will capture their attention.  Each document and step of the timeline pointing out all discrepancies becomes the courts and the juries “dash cam” if you will, showing the progress of the crime.

Turn your case into the shiny object, by showing the facts in living color through the use of of these priceless tools.  A picture tells the story that words sometimes cannot express.

I had considered starting a side business to assist homeowners with this task; however, I had to ask myself a question.  Is this what I really want to do?  My answer came quick and it was no.  Not because I don’t want to help my fellow victims of mortgage fraud, but because I do; and the best way to do that is to tell you how to make your own timeline.  I don’t think my soul is equipped to learn everyone’s detail to the point that I have had to learn my own.  Jesus taught men to fish; he didn’t do the fishing for them.  So therefore, I have decided to teach as opposed to taking on such a monumental task in respect to the timelines and presentations.  I will always be available for any questions you may have and I will welcome each and every one.  I feel that I am more valuable to you if I teach you a skill that comes easily to me as opposed to reliving others nightmarish journey, of which I find myself caught up in every day.  When this journey is through, I am hoping that with it I go, onto another journey that is one of peaceful existence and no thoughts about these years that have plagued my soul.  That is my wish for each and every one of you.

Therefore, over the next couple of weeks I am going to put together a tutorial, if you will, to show you how to set up your case’s timeline and visual presentations.  Create a gleaming object from your documents that not even the bank can ignore or outshine.



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7 Responses to Don’t Let the Shiny Object Distract You: Create a Shiny Object of Your Own

  1. Alisa Butler says:

    I finished seven years of timeline evidentiary books yesterday! It was great to read your post because it made me feel like it was time well spent. Thank you! It is so easy to get discouraged with the stress!

    Our throne in the flesh started with Litton Loan then morphed to Ocwen in 2011..

    We are ramping up our case as well! It is past time for this nightmare to be over..

    Thanks again for your post!

    Alisa Butler

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hinda says:

    In 2006 most county’s have never heard of mortgage fraud. At lest that’s what they claimed. The DA’s office would not investigate, and past the buck to the fraud until, which turned out to be the attorney General in your county. The Attorney General claimed they did not handle cases like that, get a private lawyer. You went back to the DA’s office again. The DA’s office calls the Title Ins. Agency and the scam arts. They send a few documents, and claim you signed them. DA’s office close the case. You call the news paper. The news Look at the few documents you have at the time speaks to the DA’s office and claims you where defrauded but you signed the documents. You try 30 lawyers how would not take the case at the time. The so call new owner of your home try to evict you. They might even brake into your home. In a small town the police will let them go , because that person was not in the house, even well the door was broken into and opened. You y call the scan arts mortgage company. They give you there fraud until. They send you all the documents. You go back to the DA’s office give them the documents and say you did not sign them. The DA’s office will not reopen the case. Finally you find a lawyer, how turned out to have done everything wrong. Just before the statue of limitation. Case starts. The bank lawyers find the mistakes. Your lawyer play games with you, the court, title ins. agency, bank and any one how has to do with the case. The judge is not happy. You start your own investigation. Have a few hand writing examiner claim I did not sign the documents. One in writing. I wrote to everyone you can to get help. My lawyer played games by quieting on me, every time he did not want to go to court. I wrote to the governor of my state (at that time was Eliot Spitzer) and send all the information. He tried to help me by sending a state investigater and told me to complain to the state license burial. I did. The investigation proved I was defrauded. I have the letter. The license burial revoked the appraisers license and the notary’s license. My lawyer did not answer of the documents. My lawyer was dismissing everyone he made mistakes with and quite for the third time, and told me he could come to court the next time in a email. That’s when he dismissed the Bank. I went to court and the case was dismissed. I got copies of the dismissal and asked the court to find me a new lawyer. This had been a few years into the case. I have letters written to the DA’s office from the Title Ins Agency saying the con arts brought him all the documents and he approved them. There was no power of attorney, nor myself there. The con arts mortgage company lawyer who did the so call settlement wrote a letter that he was acting for the bank only approved the documents. The Transfer Deed had my signature misspelt, and the settlement my signature was misspelt. too. No one had power of attorney. My second lawyer appealed everything in the appellate court, and won. About that time Hurricane Sandy hit our county. Six out of 12 supreme court rooms was ruined. My judge became came the head. My second lawyer went on a cruise and meet her new husband. She came back and was plainning for her marriage, and was moving to another state. within a few mouths. Default on the Title Ins Agency was denied do to statue of limitation. The con arts had disappeared. My lawyer sued the bank with the law wrongful act, inside of forged deed. The bank asked for summary judgment ( equitable subragation ) the judge dined the wrongful act, and the house to the bank. My lawyer was on her honey moon. I did not know I had 20 days to appeal it. The third lawyer which she sent was sent all the documents to later. He did try to appeal it. The judge dined it. I was the very first big case with this judge. Before she was a family judge, and had been an acting supreme court justice, when my case started. She is the first women judge in our county. This all happen why’ll I was trying for a reverse mortgage.
    I’m 71 years old, widow, broke, from fighting for truth and justice. Been tried as a criminal instead of a victim. and was dined a trail , because the judge dined the evidence. Where is the victims rights.

    • Hendra Wargo says:

      My third lawyer tried to appeal to the judge. She dined all the documents again. This was to have been a pretrial to determine if I had a case to go to trail. The auction was stopped by going to bankruptcy court. That only delayed the action a few months more. The house was not in my name so the judge lifted the stay and give it back to the bank to auction off. On June 25th their will be an auction. The con arts and his group nothing has happened to them. The Bank (AIG) is asking 315,000. The house was never valued at that high. It is known as about 50 to a 100 other senor homes lost throw this group. Banks has made money throw Junk bonds, etc. Most senors will not fight. I need help. New York is corrupt.

  3. rinkmom6 says:

    Perhaps we need to pick a weekend when we do a march and take a stand in every city in the US.It seems like no one listens, but maybe these judges will take note.I cant even find a lawyer that gets it.They steal not one but two homes, steal my personal property but most they have dystroyed my family..and my health is going downhill.I am becoming a very bitter person and I dont like that, I was never thst way….its changed how I see many things and I dont trust anyone,

    • Cynthia gasparik says:

      You are a carbon copy of me and my life since the illegal forclosure perpetrated against us 2009…we have been in pa superior court 2 years ago and just denied en banc by pa supreme court…I have been suffering this nightmare.every waking hour since may 2009 when a mortgage servicer Taylor Bean Whitaker was raided by fbi . It’s ceo lee farkas and colonial bank exec who were his partner in crime was found to be misappropriation g our and others payments to create fake acts to secure TARP money…we got letters of default and quickly called tbw with proof of payments…they said they would resolve and credit us …2 weeks later their phones and office closed…Enter ocwen who immediately forces a forclosure by denying.our payments ..and refusing our proof…all reps based in india..names like Jim smith…biff west…Jim wilson…unbelievable panic …our monthly statements had 5k woeth of outrageous charges a blatant move to railroad us…as did pa superior court who gave our attorney mike Malakoff 1min 30 seconds. A literal egg timer was used to plead our case….we have not received any help from our local congressman…senator or attorney general of cfpb who along with all 50 AG ‘s.has a judgement against ocwen for forclosure abuse illegal forclosures…we were NEVER IN DEFAULT…THIS IS A CLEAR CRIME..WHY CAN I GET HELP…I’VE READ EVERY DOCUMENT 7..8…9..OVER 20 TIMES AND KNOW IT’S BULL …MY CHEST HURTS WITH PAIN EVERYDAY…I FEAR THIS WILL KILL ME ..IT HAS RUINED.US …OUR 33 YEAR OF LOVING MARRIAGE RAISING A SON KEEPING 780 CREDIT SCORES …WE ARE DEVASTATED…BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP…I WISH TO SPEAK WITH YOU AND GET ADVISEMENT…I’M TUFF LADY…NEVER GIVING UP…I’M 30 YEAR.NURSE AND VERY BRIGHT AT THAT…PLEASE HELP ME I COULD HAVE WRITTEN YOUR STORY AS IT IS MINE…CYNTHIA GASPARIK. 412 922 2384. 3100 MIDDLETOWN ROAD PGH PA 15204

      • First, you need to realize that you are the most important part of this equation and try to get your emotions in check for your own sanity. It’s a cruel reality that emotions have no place in the “legal” world; and sincerely, if you don’t allow yourself to breathe and be good to yourself, you will end up sick over this. You must always put yourself first in this situation. These banks and their crony attorneys do not see you as a flesh and blood individual; they see you as dollars and cents and how much your property is worth to them. Once you are able to calm yourself and realized that “it’s not personal” (even though it very much is); you will be able to see things with a new set of eyes.

        When we finally got through the mortgage forgery phase (a seven year journey) I was in the same state of mind; totally lost from all the joy that was in my life. I couldn’t see the joy because the clouds that this type of crime had put in my mind about who and who not to trust in this world weighed heavy on my soul. I decided that I was going to get me back, at the same time I was trying to find reputable representation for us on what would be the “Note” phase. I learned to find my gratitude and made that the focus of my life; each and every day praying for guidance out of the black hole that this situation had put me in.

        I learned that it truly is not personal. It’s a game. The game is who has the most money, and who knows more about the law. We, as lowly homeowners, aren’t as smart as the high paid officer’s of the court that are being paid by the banks to get our properties by hook or by crook. If we are ever to win against these injustices we have to stop looking at all the problems; take on the challenges they present and find the solutions that fit within the true meanings of the law.

        Bank lawyers are all about the shiny object as a way to circumvent the law. If you have documented evidence and aren’t afraid to show it; stand up on your pedestal and tell the world. Join groups on Facebook of people whom are in the same situation as you (there are many in PA) and get your second wind. You will realize that there are several roads to Rome and that the Eeyore’s of this world are not your friends. Stay the course; if you have valid claims of fraud, share them with the world.

  4. Melody Gay Gold says:

    Cynthia, Don’t let them win! My husband and I have been living this nightmare fighting Ocwen or should I say fighting “Ocwen’s lawyers for four years now….with no end in sight…..after several lawyers, years of Discovery, depositions, and numerous appeals….our case now will go to the Judge as Ocwen’s lawyer John Hinton will file for Summary Judgment requesting our whole case be thrown out because he claims I mailed a letter (qualified written requests) to an incorrect address!! Truly Unbelievable! This legal process could take another year or two!! The physical and emotional toll this takes is indescribable…..but don’t let it ruin you! Hang in there and fight! Fight these unscrupulous lawyers with everything you’ve got! Let’s pray these Mortgage Servicing Companies are held accountable and the lawyers who represent them are disbarred!!!

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