When All Else Fails: Go With Your Strengths…

SneedWhen I first named this blog I didn’t realize how prophetic the title would end up being; because now again, I have to live with a decision I made. Without going into excruciating detail, I will state that we were taken out by a bad strategy, in a premature case evaluation, on a case that had documented fraud. I didn’t realize that when a crime was committed that you could have three blokes with two minutes of time with your case come in and make such an opinion and then threaten sanctions against the aggrieved party should they not go along with a forced game of Russian roulette. However, this is fine. I will accept what I have to accept; but then again, I am not going to accept that which I don’t have to. This was one battle and there are still a few more to come. I still have all the evidence and I have freedom of speech.

This decade long insanity has cost our home dearly; to the point that I will be very surprised if a builder doesn’t say “tear it down”. It has decimated our credit and wreaked havoc on our beliefs in morals and public ethic. It has shown me that the legal system makes a mockery of our so-called “justice” and many a big rat, with fine made double-breasted suits and an illegal agenda on their minds, run through the halls of so-called integrity.

Obviously God does not think that my journey is over and that there is still work to be done; and I accept that. I have the tools and the evidence to get justice served; even if it is in the court of public opinion.

Due to the condition of our home; and the condition of our credit after ten years in this debacle, I have set up a GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/suttershome. I could not put a dollar amount on what we need and anything would be greatly appreciated; however, that is not what the main goal of this page; because trust me, somehow, someway God will provide. The main objective is to make that page, in sisterhood with this blog, as another venue to get the message out. I am going to take you on my journey, for those of you that want to follow a ten year veteran of mortgage fraud. I am going to take you through the documents to help you identify the fraud within your own documents and what to look out for. I am going to persuade you to march, immediately, down to your local land records office and examine exactly what is on file and to know the signs of fraud.
Trust me, after hundreds of hours of examining my documents I can tell you that it is no easy feat to spot or nail down these frauds. If I can save you some time and get down to the meat of the matter, than that is my goal.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart. If you value your property and you value the words “public trust”, I urge you; no, I implore you to follow me on this journey and support me through your words and use of my suggestions. I will not steer you wrong, because I have been there, done that…and I have the T-shirt to prove it; along with many, many manipulated and forged documents that somehow got all washed away through a shill game. No problems; only challenges and solutions. It’s time to take on some new solutions.

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One Response to When All Else Fails: Go With Your Strengths…

  1. John W Wiley says:

    My Investment Security (prommissory note) was $82,900. The lender was America’s Wholesale Lender a New York Corportation (AWL never existed).
    My loan never transfer to the REMIC, or New York Trust as stated in Pooling and Serving Agreement. Long story short, serving company owes 115%, 100% on prohibited transactions, Bank of America owes $258,000 to IRS. Lot people do not know this. People need to read all docs.

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