Homeowners’ Beware! You are Not Being Told the Whole Story

Mortgage Forgery|Did You Sign Your Mortgage

We have all heard about the mortgage meltdown, and everyone is up in arms about the apparent robo-signing that is occurring throughout the mortgage industry.  Those are the details that the media have allowed you to hear about.  When the banks were foreclosing on our military, that became big news.  What has not become big news is the fact that your very mortgage documents may have been forged.  These are security documents that are securing your home to the loan.  They are being forged, notarized and filed with Register of Deeds offices across this country.  You may ask, if this is happening why haven’t we heard about it?  That’s a good question and one that I have raised for the past six years.

After experiencing the victimization by the bank, above and beyond the initial violation, has not only left us battered and bruised, it has left us with an education in the fact that our country is being run with a “good ole’ boy” mentality.  I use to believe that governments job was to consider what was for the greater good; now I believe that the government, media and banks believe it is for those who have the most money.

This whole story is filled with deception and non-disclosure; it is filled with avoidance by the media to tackle the truth.  It is a demonstration of what is truly wrong with our system.  This blog is dedicated to opening the eyes of the American people to the truth about what the banks have been up to; as well as what their deceptive ways are doing to our families, our nation and our way of life.

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How Have You Been Affected by Mortgage Fraud?

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